Fight practice!!


On the FB page we have planning a indoor fight practice. Venue secured, Noob helper wrangled and now just hammering out the details.

Also have a space available for crafting if there’s interest
I have multiple questions:

What date and time?
Where will it be?
Is there a cost for this?
And would it be okay if I bring my kids? They are old enough to entertain themselves, but young enough that I would need to keep a passing eye on them, and my wife may be working. They could potentially spend the day with their grandmother, if necessary.



Details were just firmed up.

01/28 at 1700
Fall out arts co-op
2601 2nd ave S MPLS

You could bring the sprouts if you wish
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It has also been posted on the facebook page but I will post it hear we will be on hardwood floor so please wear soft rubber soled shoes no hard rubber or knobbey boots like hiking boots is what I took that to mean