Finale Favorites

Lanna Rose

Campaign favorites

There are so many.

Watching my scared, akward, young minded character grow was so much fun.

Mari. I loved my mom friend. Every interaction between Aaleeha and Mari was just wonderful. I cannot tell you how much she helped Aaleeha get through so many things. Aaleeha is so scared for her. She does not want to see her friend go further down the road of madness.

Roark. He was Aaleeha's first friend at Stormbreak Keep. Watching them grow closer and then slightly apart was a great experience. Listening to his complicated theories and helping him work through them was a great experience.

Qori. At first Aaleeha was apprehensive of her. Alerts had no idea how to react to this loud, raunchy, aggressive person. But slowly they became some what close. Qori helped Aaleeha grow in multiple ways as well.

Greysen. Aaleeha was so oblivious of so many social ways. He was a huge part of her social growth. During her first experience with alcohol he started flirting and she flat out asked if he was. Then her finally asking if all the flirting was amounting to to something or not. The whole relationship between these two was so much fun to watch and experience. Learning so many different things about politics and they ways of people from Greysen may have colored her opinion of the ways of the world, but not in a bad way.

Mardex. So many fun interacts between these two. He became such a good friend to her. She was super unaware at how much she really helped him until he asked her to stay to help him keep a level head during his leadership term.

The magnates. They were so curious and caring about Aaleeha. They gave her so many opportunities to grow.

The golden tree plot. She never gave up. So many people tried to talk her out of if when we learned there was a golden elf inside as well as Terra. In the end it came to a wonderful end.

The visions. They scared Aaleeha so much. She was afraid that they would continue forever and would drive her mad.

#hoyceforgrandma Seriouly though. Everything about grandma and the yetis in general was amazing. I loved my write ups about them.

There are so many more moments and people that were so wonderful. Thank you all for the great experience at this chapter.

I really can't wait to see if 2.0 becomes a thing.


These guys know I love them, but very many thanks to Henry, Hoyce, Magdalen and Kyle for putting this wild ride together in the first place. Here’s some favs from the past event in no particular order:

-Working with Ole to get justice for the dwarves and minimize casualties in the war. Yay diplomacy!

-Talk with Magnate Elizabeth about reluctant leadership and alcoholism.

-Watching all of Roark’s bat-s$%& theories play out as true. I love when game makes people cry for real, a tip of the cap to you Kyle.

-Both Greysen and Qori realizing together that somehow they’d become responsible for things in ways neither of them every asked for or intended.

-Henry having his heart welded to his sleeve as ever while RPing Ryatt’s reaction to the forever abolishment of slavery in the Empire.

-Greysen having a truly honest conversation with Aaleeha, and all the implications for the characters...

-Spending the last half of the event wondering how to give several characters the happy ending of Grey staying in the new nation, while also wanting to stay true to my character who’s always been loyal to the Empire and never wanted to be in town in the first place. Enter the new Emperor informing Mardex that he’d be sending an ambassador to the new freehold. I mentally thank Hoyce for the solution as Greysen presents his resume for the position...

-Mari sneaking in one last “yeah, you live here now” before game end.


“Go out into the world and **** it up beautifully.” – John Waters


Some favorites from Stormbreak as a whole, too many more to list.

In no particular order:

Getting to play the game with players who only ever really knew me from my primary Alliance character (who is a literal psychopath and all-around not good guy) commenting about being pleasantly surprised to have enjoyable interactions with Greysen. I swear folks, I’m a decent person IRL!

Everything about the Council of Wyndael. Awesome cast of characters and topnotch interactions; such a cool mix of players some of whom I’ve gotten to game with for nearly 30 years, to players I hardly know at all. Thanks to you all.

Lady Elizabeth. Greysen’s equally afraid, reluctant, alcoholic, ‘I just want to go home,’ soul mate. Every conversation was perfectly framed for the action and their quiet tragedy. And to think, in the beginning so many people interpreted House Sterne to be the bad guys.

Mari and Jantis always quipping about how much of a shame it was for Greysen to be Human and generally making time in the mage’s guild all about elven superiority in the seemingly nicest of ways.

Constantly chuckling to myself at Mitzie’s %$^k-ing around as Mari the fortuneteller, and how absolutely impactful her visions have been to so many characters.

Being one of the very few members of the ‘Loyal Citizens of the Empire’ club.

Having a hoarcrux moment with Tu’thok’s amulet making Grey a complete bastard walking into a council meeting and having to be ordered to take it off for a while. I wasn’t aware that Bergholten was where Hogwart’s was located.

Game one, season one, day two. The conversation that crystalized my character for the rest of the run:

Greysen: “I’ve spent my life trying to avoid the great game of political intrigue. I never wanted that part of being a McAllistar.”

Vesper: “Then why not walk away? Don’t play the game.”

Greysen: “Because as my mother’s son, I’m damn good at it. And these people need that right now.” -Deep breath, walks into General Argus’ office to defuse a tense situation.

Greysen finally coming full circle back to who he always would rather have been thanks to Aaleeah.

Thanks to everyone who played this wonderful game.

I plan to do my part to help there be a chapter two!


“Go out into the world and **** it up beautifully.” – John Waters


NEPA Staff were a best thing. ******* Grandma. You guys taking my background I wrote and just embracing it and roarks silly story of being an outsider amongst outsiders. And just.. then putting on the costume and doing it all with love was amazing. Thank you guys for those moments.
Campaign Favorites

Lady Elizabeth
  • Her first time leading a battle was also Mags' first time leading a battle. The shock of that moment was both IG and OOG and I think Henry did that on purpose. :p
  • Being the smart one...does not make one a tactician.
  • Growing into and back out of comfort with her position/title.
  • Falling in love with Magnate Ryatt.
  • She was the first "Big Bad" I ever got to play and I surprised myself at being competent with her stats.
  • Being hated by absolutely everyone. That's a struggle for me to play (because Mags just wants everyone to like her), but I think I pulled it off.
  • Getting blown up.
  • Doing evil, for goodness' sake! The sweetest godsd*mn terrorist you ever did meet.
  • Being beloved by nearly everybody making it so hard for her to turn herself in.
  • Making people cry.
  • Sloths do not run...
  • But they will Death Spell your *** to the ground with lightning speed if you sell their daughters.
  • Best Kesh death a girl could hope for. Mmmmm, uber blood magic ritual...
  • Not having to fight 6 honor combats to prove to the Blacktusks that I was their rightful leader in the field and spoke for King Zekk.
  • Paving the way for the Kesh to blow up Barilise.