Fixing what was broke...

Dear adventures

I wish to know how we are going to fix the relationship with the Dark Elves. I hear from Stelarin Greywing he was dishonored and defaced by the actions of many of the adventures. I do understand it was not everyone but it seems for the Matron one (or a few) bad apples ruin the bunch. If the Dark Elves rule the sea and you want out of these lands so much, I suggest we fix what some have broken. Since you find the Duchy oh so despicable then you should think the same of the Guilds. I do not see why you can not understand what the Guilds did was wrong millennia ago. If I leave these lands I will not go to the Guilds I stand with Ravensong on their feelings about them. I hate to say it but if you want something changed in the lands running away will not fix it. So to those who were there when you were interacting with the Greywing clan please FIX the relationship that has been shattered. It was not the Duchy that did so, the Dark Elves and the Duchy have been peaceful with each other so to say. Since I follow the Duke his Grace I can not get too deep in the matter, but I do what I can to assist in repairing this relationship. ALL I want is to find Gull Grok and go HOME, and by breaking a relationship with those who rule the Sea you have made it much harder to get to any land masses in this new world. I have no doubt in my mind that the Dark Elves would have spoken ill about you to all that sail the Sea. Also, I know Stellain has spoken to a few about his plight and asked for help in even repairing his honor, these people where those Stellarin thought highly of so much so he showed us how vulnerable he really is.

Keranna Cupbearer to his Grace


I do not expect it to fix the relationship but we did decline payment for defeating the Kraken. Hopefully that will help us to at least start to show we are not the mercenaries that we first showed ourselves to be.

Squire Bruisey.


I intend to write Matron Captain Ebony and attempt to pave way for an improvement in relations between our adventurers and the current Vornae Matriarchy, and I highly suggest others do the same. I don't know a ton about what went down with the Matron two market days ago, but I feel for Stellarin's plight and wish to help him regain honor amongst his clan. Dark elves in general do not shed tears lightly, and despite my differences in opinion on honor and what it demands he has taught me valuable skills. He is a difficult teacher that has taught me hard lessons, and I have used them in defense of many of you.

I'd like to take a moment to share one if my favorite quotes by the bard Horace Greeley:
Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, riches take wings, only one thing endures and that is character.

We are adventurers. We can and will do better, and this is an excellent opportunity to.