For Auction: Celestial Focus



I have in my possession a candlestick holder imbued with magic and suitable for use as a celestial focus. It is imbued with the following rituals and has no magical flaws.
  • 3x Greater Source, which allows one to double the strength of three separate bursts of channeled magical energy each day.
  • Enhanced Source Flame/Ice/Lightning/Stone, so it is capable of manifesting each of those elements for as long as the magic lasts
  • 3x Reinforce Armor, which allows one to channel one's energies into mending armor instead of damaging foes thrice each day.
These rituals are all good for 20 days of strenuous use, and the item seems to freely travel the mists.

This item is being auctioned off in a second-price auction. I have managed 5 such auctions last weekend to great effect. Here's how a second-price auction works:
Each interested party should send me a private missive with the maximum amount you would be willing to spend on the item. At the end of the auction, the person who gave me the highest number is awarded the item, but need only pay the amount that was bid second-highest. No need to second-guess what other people are going to bid or go back and forth in a live setting. The item will go to the person who wants it the most, and that person will pay no more than necessary.

This auction will remain open until the end of the day on Friday, August 30. Anyone may bid, and this includes delivery to either Straden or Aer'Astria. If you have any questions, I will be periodically returning to this area of the dreaming to answer them.

- Jonathan H Briggs


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Reminder: The deadline to place your bids is in less than two weeks!