For August 2015 Deception Pass Event - Quiet Hours


We will once again be subject to quiet hours during our August event at Deception Pass. Please find information about our quiet hours policy below. We trust our players (you guys!) to help us ensure we can run games - we do not expect this to be an issue, and you all handled the quiet hours wonderfully at the last Deception Pass game. Thanks!

Here are the Details:

- Quiet Hours are from 10p - 6a

- "Too Loud" is defined as anything louder than a normal conversational tone. A loud conversation outdoors might get you a, "Shh, remember to quiet down or take it inside" reminder. Talking, laughing, etc is permitted during quiet hours - especially if it is indoors! The intention is just to avoid our noise reaching the neighboring homes near the park and disturbing them deep into the night. No yelling, no shrieking, no 50-people-fighting-at-once-ing.

- Quiet Hours will be enforced In Game. If a player is deemed to have been "too loud" they will be under the effect of an Arcane Paralysis as if touch cast and accepted. This effect will be unavoidable. This will be due to in-game reasons via plot.

- Quiet Hours will be enforced in the following way:
(1) Plot members will have primary enforcement powers. If there is a plot member present, it is their responsibility to enforce quiet hours.
(2) If no plot member is present and there is a clear quiet hours violation (I.e. someone screams) then a marshal may enforce quiet hours through an Arcane Paralysis.
(3) Players are welcome to self-enforce (Did you accidentally scream, realize it, and stop yourself? Feel free to say "Arcane Paralysis... Taken!". Just say it quietly. We ask that you do not intentionally do this, as fun as it may sound.)

- It is the expectation of the Seattle Staff that people not use this rule to their IG PVP advantage. While your character history may dictate that under the circumstances you would attack other PCs in the woods since they cannot scream, we ask that you refrain from doing so at this site. This is something that we call mindfully metagaming. This is one of the only site alternatives that we have available when Millersylvania is unavailable (it is under construction this winter, for example). We do ask that you help us ensure that you are not placing people in a position where IG they would scream for help during quiet hours.

- While violating quiet hours accidentally is not a cardable offense (meaning, you won't get in official trouble for an honest mistake or two), if anyone is intentionally using the quiet hours to their advantage, in or out of game, in a way that encourages other players to be put into a position to violate quiet hours, they will be talked to by a marshal. We absolutely do not expect that anyone who is not intentionally using quiet hours to their advantage will receive any sort of repercussion about this (and now that we've outlined what "taking advantage" might look like, we don't really expect anyone to do that either).

- Quiet Hours are *not* Quit Hours. The game will continue to run during this time.

- Instead of large yelling-involved wave battles and midnight scream-sessions, we will have some other after-dark activities planned. These may include heavily involved roleplay encounters, puzzles, fake-drinking in the tavern with your pals, and more!

Overall, we don't expect this to make the game any less fun. Will it be different? Absolutely. But our plot team has worked very hard to make sure that it will be a great experience.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to reach out to us at

Looking forward to a great game with you all!