For Those With Formal Magics...


Just a friendly reminder of one piece of the law:

Unsanctioned ritual magics : All necromantic rituals, or Earth/Chaos rituals cast with the necromantic aspect are strictly prohibited. Any formalist wishing to cast a ritual must obtain prior approval from the appropriate Guild. Additionally, citizens are not permitted to use the Waystone network to enter the private property of another citizen, or property controlled by a member of the nobility, without consent of the Waystone’s owner.

In Fairfax, if you wish to cast Earth formal magics, please speak to myself, Circle Master Eric Marsters. If you wish to cast Celestial formal magics, speak to Frederick Crawford or Jehan Wyldweaver.

If you plan on spellcrafting a circle, please make sure you reach out to one of the three of us, as well as the owner of the property on which you plan to spellcraft a circle.

Thank you for your time in advance,

Circle Master Eric Marsters
Circle Master of Fairfax
Greater Earth Guild of Terna
If Jehan gets me a Limited Circle Scroll, TadRon will be Spellcrafting a Circle by the bunk where TadRon will be sleeping.

There is a possibility of other Earth rituals being cast. If we cast them, I will discuss this with you before hand.


Thanks for the heads up. Make sure you let the appropriate tavern owner know about the circle (Sam Gemclipper or Eve Rosenfield). Let me know on the other rituals.

For the future, just so you know, you don't have to tell me publicly, but I appreciate you setting a good example.

Circle Master Eric Marsters

I dug deep and came up seems I don't actually own a scroll to spellcraft off of. Now if you find one, I vill happily purchase it and let you spellcraft off of it for free of course. Zhat or a spirit forge ritual... but zhat iz less likely no?


Jehan Wyldweaver