Formal Declaration of Dissolution


So Let It Be Known,

I, Horatio Sullivan, Arch-magus, Ambassador to White Forest, Ambassador to Eire, and the Sole Living Executor of the Government and Sovereignty of the Magocratic Dominion of Thelucia,

Do hereby denounce and condemn the actions of the felonious magicians who sought to summon the entity known as Nether by way of utilizing the stolen Forge of Essences as illegal, short-sighted, and unimaginably reckless to the point of murderous;

Do hereby declare the perpetrators of this criminal act in forfeit of all title and academic rank as bestowed upon them by the Dominion of Thelucia and her academies and colleges;

Do hereby declare the perpetrators of this criminal act, and any and all who are discovered to have conspired to commit or aided in the commission of this act as well as the initial theft of the Forge of Essences to be hostile enemies of the Dominion of Thelucia, to be apprehended and executed, and hunted unto permanent death so long as they exist within the jurisdiction of the justice of the Dominion.

I further declare in my capacity as Executor:

That the Dominion of Thelucia as a sovereign nation shall be dissolved as a state, and her citizenry remanded to the custody of the Elders of White Forest until such a time as a new sovereign state can be founded by the traditions of law and respect for the natural orders of magic, the sanctity of life and the right of all civilized peoples to pursue a fruitful, productive and thriving existence;

That the government of the Dominion of Thelucia will exist only in a clerical and administrative capacity to serve the legal needs of her citizenry and to protect their interests as a race until such a time as a new sovereign state can be formed;

That the land formerly occupied by and claimed as the Dominion of Thelucia become terra nullius, governed by none and shunned by all, and with all expedition and exploration to the former Dominion advised against with extreme prejudice.

It has become increasingly clear that so long as the sovereign state of the Dominion of Thelucia exists in its current capacity, its political name will be used as an aegis by those who seek to profit by the reckless endangerment of and subsequent misery of the world at large and its innocent citizens, already so beleaguered by the conspiring darkness that threatens every civilized border and all who dwell within. It is the wish of the government and its allies to detach the name of Thelucia from those who abuse it; to cleanse the ever-darkening tarnish from a race of innocent people who by and large have been much maligned by the actions of a powerful few; and to turn our faces forward to the coming conflicts and the subsequent rebuilding of our world and our home, rather than perpetually exist in a state of apology and defense of the wickedness of those few who continue to use the power and knowledge of Thelucian heritage to their own selfish ends.

In this way will the Thelucian people rebuild our homes and our names - by striving with, rather than against, the interests of the world at large. All who would do otherwise are no longer Thelucian.

By My Hand, Guided By The Earth,

Horatio Sullivan
Ambassador to White Forest and Eire
High Executor of the Exiled Dominion of Thelucia