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I've been playing for a year so am not totally new, but am still new to formal magic which is still an enigma to me. Since my questions are so basic, I'm posting them here instead of the Marshalls boards (feel free to move it if you disagree).

1) BATCH: In formal magic, what is a "batch"? I don't see this defined anywhere - can you give an example involving the Preserve Duration ritual? I don't see much purpose in the Boost Duration ritual, unless it does something special with this "batch" context.

2a) Does "This ritual can only be cast following the ritual(s) to be extended." mean that it has to be cast immediately following the rituals being extended? Or could someone get a 1-year item and extend it after 11 months?

2b) Can "Preserve Duration" be cast twice on the same item (say 4.5 years apart)? Or can it be cast to extend an LCO (goblin stamped) or Restricted (dragon stamped) item?

3) ENCHANTING AN ENCHANTED ITEM: Can an item have both Celestial rituals and Earth rituals on it at the same time? [Or Earth and Necromatic rituals on it at the same time?]

My last two questions are really about Dragon Stamps and Goblin Stamps:

4) MONTHLY BLANKETS: This question might be chapter specific: What is a "monthly blanket" (goblin stamp based or dragon stamp based). This is not explained in the rulebook. More specifically, is it equivalent to one typical event (2 days), one day, or something else altogether? Does one have to request the blanket in advance, afterwards, or what? Can one usually say "please blanket this character every month until I run out of goblin stamps or I tell you otherwise?"

5) ENCHANTING A PRODUCT-POINT ITEM: When creating an LCO or Restricted magic item (using goblin stamps or dragon stamps), can they be added to an existing item (e.g. a weapon or magic item)?

For example, for dragon stamps, do I understand correctly that to render a longsword indestructible, we would pay (2ds for the ritual) + (6ds for production cost), regardless of whether the sword which we are adding to the ritual (a) already exists or (b) is being created?

I recognize that for LCO items this may be chapter specific - I play mostly at HQ.

Thanks everyone! This game is awesome :)


1. A "Batch" is everything done under the same 'Extender' so if you cast your preserve first at the strength for say 8 rituals, then those 8 rituals are all in the same 'Batch' and must be cast within 5 Minutes of each over to be under the effect of the extender.

1 b. - Boost duration adds a month between casting of rituals in a batch, this allows you to travel to another chapter, find a new preserve if you failed one, etc. as 28 days is far better than 5 minutes.

2. a - this is a hold over an incorrect text, as of the latest revision, extenders may be cast before, in the middle or at the end of the batch.
2. b. - Yes on the same ITEM, however rituals can only be extended during the intial batch they are cast in, so you cannot 'reup' existing enchantments. You could add 5 more rituals to your 5 ritual sword, the new rituals would have a seperate expiration than the existing ones. As long as you do not hit the 20 total enchantment cap (and each extender counts) you can keep adding.

3. - Sure Why not? Steal a biata's item and give it a 1/day light spell for fun and profit!

4. - Monthly blankets are exactly the same in all chapters, you may buy ONE (per chapter) for 30 goblins and it's worth ONE day of experience gain.

5. - Sure, but the entire item will then be LCO, some changes might not be allowed (such as silvering an existing magic item)

5b. - No, if you have an existing longsword tag, you can just pay the 2 ds to render it. (I advise against burning DS for production items)


edit - Corrected batch timeline.


Batches close after 5 minutes.
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