This poster is put up inside the flaming skull and around town. (and the dreaming too, I guess. if images can be dreamed)
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I don't want to be a party pooper ... but somehow this reminds me of dogfighting ring. I'd just like to put it out there that I don't think goblins are smart enough into these lands to really know true consent is and to know what they're getting into. Back home they're not a protected race because they don't have full sentience.


Rest assured Auryn, your concerns while commendable, are not necessary. The goblins utilized in this event are fully aware of what they are participating in, as many are actually returning competitors. They are paid well and fed extremely well. Most compete beforehand within their own tribes for the honor of coming out here. While I understand your trepidation, I would hope that you would know and trust me enough to know that I do not enslave or abuse unprotected races for amusement and sport.

I would encourage you not to prejudge before coming out to an event. I think you'll be surprised.


Dis sounds like my kinda event. Wishi could makes it. I could my pugilist skills to da test.

-Bruisey Foemangler


Goodfolk Auryn,

I too share your trepidation about this spectacle. Even assuming the "competitors" were fully able to consent and not acting out of self-preservation at being an unprotected race, bloodsports are notoriously exploitative of marginalized people, not to mention intrinsically cruel and uncivilized. Even the language "the goblins utilized in this event" strikes one as dismissive of these being's inherent Spirit. In other settings, I would decry this as base sadism, akin to bear baiting or dog fights.

That said, Guildmaster Gemclipper has often shown compassion and understanding for those ground under and forgotten. His actions during the Northlund's War suggest, at the very least, that he recognizes chattel slavery and tyrannical repression as unstable and unnecessary. Though some might argue his actions were ultimately self-serving and mercantile in nature, I woud like to think the majority of his motivations were enlightened. As far as I have seen, The Company, and its merchant-arm, The West Wayside Trading Company, have a mostly unsullied reputation. For what it is worth, I am, personally, offering them the benefit of the doubt. For the moment.

I have business in Westhaven Friday night and would be interested in knowing more of your thoughts.

Dramthin Hartsboon
Keeper of the Tainted Grove


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My official endorsement:

Hi, This is Gregory Renaldo Binks III and the Flaming Skull is my favorite establishment for Goblin bouts of strength and skill in all of Wayside.

And I didnt even get paid to say that!



Ground rules for the games!

Rule 1: These are NOT death matches. An Earth Guild healer is on standby to ensure each of our combatants leave the match alive and able to fight again. Combatants can not deliver a killing blow or else they will be submitted to the law for punishment.
Rule 2: Unless the match states otherwise, the standard betting style is to put a 1 gold bet on whoever you want to win per match. If your goblin wins, you split the pot with other victors.
Rule 3: You are allowed to affect the matches! If you throw a silver into the ring you are allowed to throw in a single (legal) support/healing spell, potion, or weapon to assist whoever you want. Weapons are returned after each match.
Rule 4: Combatants are not allowed to assault (physically or magically) anyone outside of the match circle.

Match 1: Take the Boot!
Three of our competitors will be set at separate ends of the ring, with a single boot placed in the middle. Whoever is in possession of the boot after a minute's time will be the victor.

J'Rajj's Gambling Prize: Whoever picks the victorious goblin splits the pot with the other victors.

Match 2-5: The Wheel of Misfortune
Four of our competitors will each face a randomly chosen creature from the Wheel of Misfortune. They will face either Lyra the Lion, Benny the Crab, Seymour the Wofl, Jack the Donkey, or Diane the Rabbit.

J'Rajj's Gambling Prize: Whoever picks the winning combatant splits the pot with the other victors.

Match 6: The Pit
Four of our competitors will be set at separate ends of the ring without weapons. A random pile of weapons will be located in the middle. The last goblin standing will be declared the winner.

J'Rajj's Gambling Prize: Whoever picks the winning combatant splits the pot with the other victors.

Match 7-9: Sponsor vs Sponsor
Four of our goblins will face each other in one on one matches. A sponsor is selected for each goblin and they may outfit their combatant anyway (legally) they want before the match begins. The matches will go in 2 rounds to determine the victorious goblin.

J'Rajj's Gambling Prize: Unlike other matches, you may bid whatever gold amount you want on each goblin. The highest bidder becomes that goblin's sponsor. Whoever picks the winning combatant splits the pot with the other victors. Additionally, the sponsor will get a bonus 3 gold per win. Whoever's goblin wins both rounds wins a Lore scroll and 4 gold.

Match 10+: Final Countdown
YOU the can volunteer as tribute (1 gold fee) to face our Goblin Pit Champion one on one. The first adventurer to defeat our Champion is crowned the winner.

J'Rajj's Gambling Prize: Whoever picks the winning combatant splits the pot with the other victors. Additionally, the volunteer fighter who wins, gets a Vision scroll.

Drinks and food will be available for purchase during the matches as well!

See you all there!