From New Eyes


I would like to give my thanks to the people of Wayside. This was the first time I’ve been in these lands and was treated has an old friend returned home after a long journey. From the first night when Millie vouched for two weary, damp travelers, and Lady Eldandiril Zanabanath who let two people who were non-strangers only by name be a part of her Ward. Gave me and my traveling companion a safe place to find our dreams. Mara Glenbeck who refitted my armor in battle and first aided me to consciousness, and Sheriff Hennessy who saved my life with a Cure potion later that night, if not for him my spirit would be scarred today. At day break when Hennessy told me and all who cared to listen about the history of Wayside and Briarpass. Lady Vadoma Drabardi Lyuba Josephina Nadya Tsura Domari who feed this tired Stone Elf with grain and raisins from her personal food stores. Master Nanashi who showed me to my next circle of magic. All of these souls found me in Wayside, and when the Magistrates came for Lurin and the town decided to stand up for what they thought was right I and all the newcomers to Wayside were told logically we didn’t have to fight. Lady Tatianna and I decided to help the town, and we were thanked. No thanks were needed. All you hear in this dream is reason for me to want to see Wayside and Briarpass free and safe. I shall be around for a time. I have much to see and learn here. I say farewell for now.

May the stars brighten your dark times,



Chicago Staff
All I need to say is, you and Tatianna were more than welcome to stay in my ward and sleep well. I'm glad that I could help new travelers out as much as I did.
Heya Zymahs,

You can help me sort my coin anytime :)

Hitch 42


Good Merchent Riley, I can help you keep your things in order if you wish. Seeing Hitch 42's caravans moving smoothly through Wayside and Briarpass is a good thing. The goblins are troubling you no more? Do try and be safe Merchent Riley.



Haha, Zymahs I feel we will need to play for a little more next time, perhaps at a game that is meant for betting and not just killing time.

May you find warmth from Winter's sweet embrace,
Kevar Byrne, Member to the Order of the Earthen Fist.