Fundraiser for 2022!

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HQ Staff

Fundraiser drive.

Another year as we work through the covid situation and feel out what feels right and slowly

We had a great fundraiser last year and those funds are being applied to construction on site. This year we have a new goal. That goal being funds for the construction of shower facilities on site. Our financial goal this year is 3000.00.

“Kyle, usually there are rewards and such for these kinds of things-” you are darn tootin there are!

This year we will be running this fundraiser from today 1/11/2022 until the end of April. During that time period any who donate at least $5.00 will get a 10 x Gobbie exchange. As always if you donate over $500.00, you will get a set dragon stamp ratio as well pending owner approval.

IF we can as a group raise over $3000, then we will increase the level cap by one level!!!! If we make it to $6000 then two levels. This will continue for every $2500 beyond goal. I know it's wishful thinking but hey it's what I do.

There are a ton of other rewards. They will be set up by the end of April when all donations are added together. We will let you know about once a month where we stand.

The rewards and tiers are below:

You get goblin stamps at a 10:1 ratio and a crisp High air-5 from Kyle!

All previous Rewards!
A NEPA Sticker (which can be picked up at game!)

All previous Rewards!
Increased resources to distribute each event to the Cairn projects you desire.

All previous Rewards!
Work with one of our writers to help create a backstory that weaves into the world of Ascension.
+1 Magic Item Pick (2 Total)

All previous rewards!
On top of that, you’ll get 2 basic level crystals to start and an extra supplies pack (foig for these goodies).
+1 Magic Item Pick (3 Total)

All previous Rewards!
Well equipped! Start with a Horse to bring to the surface and a domicile for RP purposes.
PLUS, if you build an Ascension character, you can work with plot to create a specialized mount that your family has reared since before the fall. This is treated like a horse for travel (non-merchantable).
Custom personal storyline written around you and your backstory (with 4 personal mods).
+1 Magic Item pick (4 Total)
Dragon stamps will also be given as appropriate for the donation.

All Previous rewards.
LAND GRANT!!! Something cool and new
Your character has been granted a plot of land for your own development however you like by the Collegium. This land deed will be an in game item.

All previous Rewards!
Plus we work with an artist to do a character portrait in color!
On top of that, you can help us name some of the factions, as well as flora and fauna. If you choose to NPC, you can be cast as a pivotal recurring character.
Dragon stamps will also be given as appropriate for the donation.
+1 Magic Item pick (5 Total)

-$1,000: (4 available)
All previous Rewards!
You can help us name major cities, and your character will have a tie into some of the ancient adventuring companies or houses.
You gain one 3rd level crystal, team artwork of your character and up to 3 other characters, attunement for a season to the "Apparatus", and free membership for the first year.
You can help create some history for the continent, and an artifact that may be available in game.
+5 Magic Item pick (10 Total)

-$2,000+: (3 Available)
All previous Rewards!
However instead of team art we will do a photo shoot!
A plot essential schematic which we work into your characters story of long forgotten technology.
+10 Magic Item picks (20 Total)
A handmade copy of the Hobling cookbook for Ascension!

-$3000+: (2 Available)
All Previous Rewards!
Custom bracers or spellbook work by Alex Steslow and story to accompany.
One Boon of the forgotten at the highest tier per event for the first 3 years.

-$5000+: (Super unrealistic BUT)
You will get all of the above and you will not have to pay for your events and lifetime membership!
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