Funeral of Mathias and Lavinia


If you remain within the city, you may notice Tvard constructing a large wooden pyre near enough to the town square. Today he places the body of Mathias and the crumbled remains of Lavinia upon the perch, nestled amid the dried wood and tinder. He posts a notice in the Tavern that makes it known that he will commence the service for his funeral at noon, and that the ashes and bone fragments will be sent to the Flames of Cremation at the earliest opportunity.

For those that wish to attend the funeral, Tvard opens a small leather-bound small book and reads aloud,

"We commit you back to the Earth,
Where, in ash, you will be far from pain,
And close to our hearts.
The flame, we feel your warmth,
In the light, we see your brilliance.
In this moment, we say goodbye,
And carry you with us forever."

He closes the book and places it in his satchel, continuing, "It is not uncommon for those who seek out knowledge to fall prey to it. Did not the discovery of fire bring us both pain and pleasure? Can we not say that the discovery of steel is to be blamed for both sword and shield? We search the world, we scramble and the scratch, and sometimes we find those things which were better left hidden.

"I comment Mathias, not for his brilliance, but for his effort to improve our world. I comment Lavinia, not only for her sacrifice, but for her willingness to search out what might make all our lives better. You may not agree with his conclusions. You may not agree with his methods. You may have learned to revile his face when it became a symbol of our struggle, but know that he was not a man deserving of our hatred.

"For all he has done, both good and horrible, I commend him. I forgive him for his missteps and applaud his accomplishments. He is gone now, and our anger serves no one. I hope that all else can find the freedom of forgiveness."

He steps forth and lights the pyre, standing back as the flames grow, consuming them both.