Galvanic etches

So I have been experimenting with galvanic etching. I got a 12" by 12" peice of 16 ga hot rolled galvanized steel, and have been cutting it into plates. I then etch them in a homemade salt water electric bath. Here are some photo's: ... d=22804158 ... d=22804158 ... d=22804158

I know the pictures suck but I don't have a memory card for my camera yet and the web cam is a super cheap one.

Let me know what you think. I am looking for feedback. Also, any artists who wanna get something etched, I find that electrical tape works as a great mask, so i Could etch anything you can cut with a razor.



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I dont have face book :cry:
do let me know.


I have seen these in person, Bill is a crafty mofo. Great work bro!
New one. I have the etching proccess down, but there is a lot of discoloration on the negitive areas of the plate. I think the copper joints I am using are not actualy made of copper, and are the source of the issue. Will go back to my old anode to cheak it out. ... d=22804158

If anyone has an imige they want etched, please let me know.