Game mechanic this event

Jesse Grabowski

Chief Executive Officer
Denver Staff
There might be something that happens to some of the players before they wake up on Saturday morning.... they might have an illusion of appearing as humans. Those players will have the option of removing their makeup and prosthetics, (or not putting them on if they choose to remove them before sleep) or, for the hardcore, who don it all during all hours, they can just tell others, "recognize Blackwhiskers in human form," for example.

I want this effect to be fun for the story but not un-fun for the players so we are giving you the choice, should you be effected by this mechanic this event.

See you soon!




The one game where I could have woken up on Saturday and said, "Nope. Do not have to don the bark today."

Oh well. I will pass on my resentment of being forced to behave in adult fashions to ACC, and the class that's making me write a paper this weekend.


.... Claws? Or am I non-com by proxy?


.... Claws? Or am I non-com by proxy?
For IG purposes, you'd see yourself as human and others would see you as human. Your character would believe he has been race changed into human and maybe he perceives his claws as spirit linked swords - you can figure out the mental justification that makes sense for your character.

For mechanics purposes, you're still a wylderkin. Hence the "illusion" wording. :)