Gaming in the Time of Coronavirus (PC Gaming)

Hey everyone one we know that it's disappointing to not have a LARP to play this month and that efforts to encourage social distancing don't make for a lot of fun times, so we want to help do our part for our community. If you're on Steam or other PC gaming platforms and want to find new people to play with, post your contact information in this thread and keep playing games with the people you know.
Darthmama on Steam and Diablo 3.

If folks are playing City of Heroes I'm @Forbidden Flower



I purchased Vermintide 2 (whole thing was on sale Woo-hoo!)
I will try the game out for a bit and then figure out how to join if I see active people.
I did join the Steam Community.
Living day to day in mom's basement... day... night... everything is blurring together...