Gaming in the Time of Coronavirus (Table Top RPGS)

Hey everyone one we know that it's disappointing to not have a LARP to play this month and that efforts to encourage social distancing don't make for a lot of fun times, so we want to help do our part for our community. There's been some discussion about organizing some gaming on the Discord so here's our effort to help make that a reality.

If you're willing to run a game online (via Hangouts, Zoom, Roll20, Discord, etc), post below with the following information:
  • Your Name
  • What game you want to run
  • What experience level you're comfortable running for
  • How many Players you'd run for
  • When you're able to run

We'll aggregate that information and repost it so people can sign up to play in games, then you can coordinate the actual play between yourselves.
Hope this is something that helps you out.


Let me start by saying, sorry for the length, but having been gaming for 4+ decades and GMing for more than 35 years, some explanations may be needed,

I know this is a bit into the Stay at Home order, and things may start to loosen up with it in the near future (although I don't think life will "return to normal" for quite some time to come having a lot of relatives who work on the front lines of this current situation), but thought I'd put this out there in case anyone might be interested. When this thread was started, I had a couple of things going on so was not set up to start this yet. But as of today I am finally able to post this.

Having been an RPGer for decades now, and with most of my time dedicated to being a GM (DM for those of you who limit yourself to the d20 systems), I have been one of the more active play-testers and a co-author of two of the books for the new version of Rolemaster (by Iron Crown Enterprises, which back during the late 1980's and through much of the 1990's was the second most popular RPG in the world between Rolemaster, Spacemaster, MERP (Middle Earth Role Playing, a simplified version of Rolemaster for the Middle Earth setting, as ICE was the first and longest holder of the licence to Tolkien's Middle Earth IP (Intellectual Property) for use in games) and several other RPG's, board games and card games.

Anyways, I am looking at starting up email based games and/or Discord Play-by-post games using the new version of the Rolemaster System to test out not only the rules as we finish them up but also to test a campaign module I'm writing for Rolemaster. While it is not yet published, it likely will be within the next year or so. I have run such email based games previously (about 20 or so years ago) with one of them lasting more than 3-1/2 years, using the previous version of Rolemaster. If anyone is interested please PM me here or via the TC Alliance Chapter Discord channel with your email and I will provide my email address and we can discuss your character idea/concept. If anyone interested has experience with Rolemaster, I will send you a link to a Google Docs spreadsheet for character creation that I can help guide you through the use of for character creation. Anyone who is not familiar with Rolemaster and its extremely flexible character creation system (similar to the Alliance LARP rules, you can play just about anything you can imagine, as it has a LOT more flexibility than D&D and other d20 clone games) and its extremely simple mechanics (everything is determined by d100 / d% and add your skill and any other relevant modifiers, with the higher the result the better the results, thus extremely intuitive) and extremely detailed combat and magic system. Rolemaster was the first RPG to utilize "Criticals" (since 1980), and not just 2x or 3x type like you see in a lot of RPG's but actual detailed results that can play a major part in the tactics of coming rounds of combat, such as disabled limbs, massive bleeding, stunning your opponent or causing an injury that is so painful or devastating that your opponents actions start to have penalties applied. Rolemaster also has a must more expansive and flexible spell casting system, where instead of having a fixed number of spells you can cast a fixed number of times, it allows you to cast anything you know as many times as you want as long as you have the "Power Points" to do so.

The following is the requested information from above:

  • Aaron S,
  • Rolemaster Unified (soon to be published) via email
  • Those who are interested in playing in the campaign module I'm writing will start out at between 8th and 10th lvl and will progress up to about 20th level over the course of the game (it is a pretty length story-line/plot as the finished campaign module will likely be close to 200 pages in length.
  • I can also run groups for lower level characters for people that are totally new to Rolemaster and are uncomfortable participating in a mid-level game like the one mentioned in the previous bullet point, in which case characters will start at between 2nd and 5th lvl, depending on what we do. The setting that the campaign module is set in (as well as the other two game modules that have previously been published for the previous version of Rolemaster) are all set within my Channel Cities/World of Ærnth setting. This setting has been extremely detailed over the past 35+ years as it grew from a small city setting for unscrupulous characters to try to survive in (has a very gritty feel) into an entire world with vast tracts of wilderness, scores of small and medium sized kingdoms, some large empires, desolate wastelands, and vast tracts of haunted and corrupted lands spread out across three different continents. With the Channel Cities being the trade/ economic/ educational/ societal hub of this world. With nearly any fantasy race being available to be played as a character (another of the advantages of Rolemaster).
  • Can run for any number, as the setting is massive and I have run hundreds of games of nearly every level within this setting over the years. So if players let me know what type of game they are interested in, I'd be happy GM more than one group and form each group around what type of story-line or plot the players are interested in participating in.
  • As previously stated, this would be an email based or play-by-post via Discord (I have a Channel Cities Discord channel already set up).
Be sure to PM me here or via the TC Alliance Discord channel if interested.


MERPs. Man, there's a name I haven't heard in a long, long time. Rolemaster is a cool and good system if you're crunch-tolerant, and I wish you all the best in finding players!