Gargoyle Forge 2016 Product Line now shipping!!!

We've replenished our regular stock lines, and are raring to go for the 2016 LARP season! We've already been in attendance at Midwinter Fantasy Con, and are looking at adding more conventions to our list in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

And in the meantime, check out our stuff here! You won't believe the specs until you see them!



Introducing the GargoyleForge™ DungeonDwellers™ LARP-Safe Torch!

First in the DungeonDwellers™ line, the 18" long LARP-Safe Torch is designed to hold a single 4 inch glo-stick safely yet securely in a foam sculpted head that is rated to pass at most light-touch LARP games in the US. Simply fold the hanging tip of the glo-stick slightly with one finger, nestle the thick end into the center of the torch assembly, and gently but firmly slide the rest of the glo-stick into standing position, allowing the tab to enter the foam socket in the top. That's it! Your lit glo-stick will remain snug, even if the torch is called upon to be used in active combat!

You now have no excuse to "cast Magic Missile into the darkness," because everyone in your party can have a LARP-Safe Torch! Get your party back in the light today!

LARP-Safe Torch, choice of Wood Handle or Wrought Iron - $50 +s/h

(No wholesalers)


Avast, ye scurvy scum! I spy a cutlass dead ahead!!!

When serving on the high seas, one needs a blade that is compact. Heavy enough to hack rope and tree alike, as well as limbs from boarding parties intent on taking your ship, cargo or crew. This cutlass serves all those points well. Carbon fiber core jacketed in 1Kg XLPE foam, suede wrapped handle for comfort, 36" long weighing in at a mere 6.5oz, this cutlass will serve your days on the high seas and move the stories of your exploits to legend.

Cutlass - $100 +s/h


The 16th thru 18th century marked the beginning of a sword that made speed and thrusting its stock in trade. Marked by lightness and balance, the rapier and parrying dagger (or main gauche) became mainstays of the Renaissance with the landed gentry, to flaunt status and skill with it's display at the hip

46" long on the rapier, 18" on the main gauche, each with Spanish sail-guards added for gauntlet protection, these blades feature our signature carbon fiber cores with 1Kg XLPE hand-shaped to the desired finished blades. At a mere 5.5oz on the rapier, and a 3oz on the main gauche, you will be dueling all day with no fatigue whatsoever.

Rapier / Main Gauche set - $150 +s/h


When a samurai questions his liege lord's orders, his focus, his honor, and chooses to leave the ranks of samurai but still hold true to the bushido code, he becomes known as Ronin, or "wanderer".

The Ronin becomes known by his sword, and this sword bears the head of the ancient Dragon to mark it's wielder's prowess and pride. This katana bears the Dragon Head pommel, and the mark of "poison" in katagana on its blade. A deadier weapon carried by a worthier foe, there never was...

46" long, carbon fiber core with custom sculpted 1Kg XLPE foam for the blade, dragon head in cast foam latex, leather wrapped handle, 6oz in weight

Ronin Dragon Head Katana - $125 +s/h


Detailed view of the dragon head pommel. Foam latex cast.

Add a dragon head pommel to any custom order - $25



Can't fight the pinkskins, treehuggers and stumps without the right stickaz, can you? And these sure are the right stickaz! Carbon fiber cores jacketed in 1Kg XLPE foam, these 29" long, 4 1/2" wide at the base 3.5oz goblin stickaz are sure to allow you to run those nasty topsiders through with ruthless aggression!

Single Sticka - $75+s/h

Pair - $150+s/h


Every Daimyo needs his sword set, to both demonstrate outwardly his station and standing, and to make sure he could defend said station if necessary. These Asian-inspired swords deliver both presence and performance for exactly that. Made from our signature carbon fiber cores jacketed in 1Kg XLPE, the 32" wakazashi is 5.5oz, the 46" katana an astonishing 7oz, and the 63" daikatana tips the scales at a mere 13oz.

Wakazashi - $75+s/h
Katana -$100 +s/h
Daikatana - $150 +s/h

Wak / Kat pairing - $175 +s/h

All three - $300+s/h

Custom colors on ito wrapping available on request


Every knight needs a worthy blade, and these European inspired longswords fit the bill exactly! 39" long, carbon fiber cores jacketed with 1Kg XLPE, hand-shaped to a minimum of 5/8" thickness between blade edge and core, weighing in at less than 6.5oz! Available in a black or white leather wrapped handle.

European Longsword - $100 +s/h
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Your website lists different prices than you have listed here...


That katana though ...


Chicago Staff
The weapons look as good in person as the pictures and hold up well. I have the Rapier and its almost criminal how swift it cuts through the air. Highly recommended--not to mention everyone ask where it comes from.


well, i hope they actually look better in person then the photos, because the photos, I'm sorry to say, are rather poor. But that katana does look so tempting.