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Discussion in 'Art, Costuming and Props' started by kes166, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. kes166

    kes166 Artisan

    I was looking around for a crossbow for my next character and I found this. If the top of a gauntlet is open or closed foam, would that pass as safe and be usable? (It would be spirit linked to the character).
  2. Alavatar

    Alavatar Baron Marshal

    I would probably allow it given all crossbow requirements are met. Specifically:
    • Only Closed Cell Foam
    • Minimum 14" length for Light Crossbow
    • Minimum 25" length for Heavy Crossbow
    Note that Crossbows are treated as 2-handed weapons, so as long as you had it equipped like this I would rule you could not use any 1-handed weapons.
  3. Muir

    Muir Templar

    I'd disagree on that last point, to a certain extent. You could perfectly legally use a weapon in the other hand, same as anyone holding a two handed weapon or other item in their offhand. As crossbows are not valid blocking weapons, you would not be able to block with this or wield a weapon in the same hand wearing this, and would have to take any hit that landed on it as if it hit your arm.
  4. Alavatar

    Alavatar Baron Marshal

    That is a fair point and good clarification. Thank you.
  5. markusdark

    markusdark Knight

    However in order to operate the crossbow the only thing you could have in either hand is a bolt packet for a 'forearm strapped' crossbow, yes?
  6. Muir

    Muir Templar

    Yes, same as any bow.

    Carrying it around in one hand is fine, but both are needed to shoot it.
  7. Zymm

    Zymm Newbie

    How would you rule "I summon a force to disarm your crossbow"?
  8. tieran

    tieran Duke

    Have to take the whole thing off and drop it for 5 seconds.

    The crossbow being on a glove should not circumvent the spell any more than a rope tied to your sword and your wrist would.
  9. airkshil

    airkshil Artisan

    However, if it was spirit linked as they mentioned, they would not have to remove it.
  10. tieran

    tieran Duke

    Yeah (didn't reread the OP before posting), so if spirit linked, would need to put their hand behind their back for the 5 seconds.

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