Gavaria March Event Favorites


Tooches was such a genius concept. I didn’t understand it until Dinner on saturday when a few of the PCs explained to me, an NPC fisherman, that it took 6 heavyweight fighters to temporarily disable him and his strength comes from the trash he eats. Then, almost by cue, Tooches comes over and takes my plate, leaving me dumbfounded.

Being a crunchy is fun when you can do it almost back-to-back. Even if I played no majorly important role outside of the Pikman mod, it’s still a blast to come swinging from left field. Also, the town mod was a blast to do at night as I played a rogue type enemy and the darkness made it so easy to stealth about and land some 50s from behind. RIP Phantom who I know I downed twice that fight.
I think my favorite moment was surprising Tano with a bowl mashed potatoes for the two trolls. Other moments:

The multi-wave saga of Aura's resurrection

The tidewalker speech

The renown meeting

The sentinels puzzle mod


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Some of my favourites in no particular order
  • Summoning the Elemental Overlord of Culinary Delight! Amazing investment, thought, and roleplay by the bakers, chefs, and ritualists alike. The best part was being gently corrected (with patience, if a little incredulity) about how Baking works, "No, Dramthin, you can't just Command the yeast to rise. [sigh]". It was great to share in y'all's pleasure and respect for cooking and creativity. Kudos as well to Jonathon (Roff) who was dragooned into pinch-marshaling a Ritual in the last second and did an excellent job. The secret ingredient is love (and double honey)
  • Casting Vision to pierce the the Veil of Finger Death - and getting poked in the eye. Another amazing cooperative, creative Ritual with a bunch of really fun folks. I will never tire of dragging non-Ritualists into Rituals. Sure, we tempted fate, felt the icy (not)wind of The Beyond, and nearly destroyed a Permanent Circle but, "Any Ritual you can walk away from...."
  • Running the Water Syphons with the Rose Wardens was a hoot. ¡You folk are excited about everything and it makes me so happy! Extra kudos to Jeralen who was bravely glugging away at her syphon while the world was crashing and crumbling around her. "No, I cannot drop this Circle so you can fight with your friends. You are a protected asset now, more important than any of their lives." She nodded wisely, but a piece of innocence fell away. Such a great scene
  • The blue flying Sirens (harpy is an ugly word). Never have I been so happy to be kicked in the ears by such beautiful monsters. We just need Roff to work on his stone hands
  • Going to [The Zoo] with the Iron Knuckle! The Brothers Dwarf, Nature Boy, The Mighty, Craig - such amazing [Zoo] companions! Almost resurrecting because [The Zoo] guide didn't have any Life Spells, ("Whadda I know 'bout Lifing? Whach'ou think I am?!") was *chef's kiss*
  • Sitting at the table with Euron and all the aspirants talking about how excited everyone is to step up and help. So many people interested in focusing their energies and talents to support the people is a fresh and wonderful experience. Getting Euron to admit he really needed a clerk later, "Oh, but, um, not you" was a fun as well. I'm gonna be your second, Eurie - you just wait
  • Getting to chat with Tillbane and subsequently chatting up a bunch of adventurers, "Wow, yeah. He a crotch. But, yanno, maybe he's the crotch we need." It's a lot of fun seeing how people react to two (ostensibly) honest politicians pursuing the same goal in parallel lanes. I had a bunch of conversations regarding the nature of leaders and leadership and it's great to see how often emotions and logic vie for primacy when deciding who to follow. Special shout out to "Undead Gregor" - it took me way too long to figure out what was going on, and you were very patient with the bleeding-heart elf in the meantime. Next time, I have to chat up Tanno more (if only to delight in that Jamaican accent)
More as I think of them. ¡Good times all around!
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Finally caught up on rest and I can think about favorites.

-I <3 Stun Limb at 4th level. Also I am terrible at throwing spells with my left hand.

-All things Anna and Steph, you two are a menace.

-The speed at which those mashed potatoes arrived was uncanny.

-Best Hotpocket I've ever had. Thanks Tercero!

-All the new players we had who just jumped right in! Special thanks to our new NPCs who rocked it!

-The relief we had after realizing we put in the batteries backwards. We were panicking something fierce for about 4 minutes there.

-Getting pelted with 90 Bolts by DeSylvia. The Baron takes double from Lightning. That was 720 damage.

-The amazing RP with Roff and Xava.

-There were a lot of great costumes this event. Tooches is the exact right level of whimsy. Tidewalker is perfectly creepy with his wet hair.

-When players take the time to mention what a great time they're having, it fills my heart with joy. Thank you everyone!