Gelkk Awareness


I met this Gelkk named Grime who happen to be on the wrong side of the mountains and at first I didn't think I was gonna learn anything that mattered, except how to make some new friends. But then I realized that I should probably share what I learned or some of you will end up slaughtering the poor innocent creatures.

Gelkk are a blue, lizard-like race. I'm sure lots of you know about their seemingly inherent lightning-related abilities and the golems they power with that lightning. But that's not what this is about. Gelkk are extremely territorial. They take any uninvited step into their territory as a sign of aggression, they will believe you are there to hurt them.

I am not telling you this so you will be more prepared if you happen to need to stomp into their territory while we are in Bomae. I am sharing this information so we can try to avoid conflict with these very interesting creatures.

The Gelkk will always ask before entering your territory, so ask before you enter theirs. They are very curious, so an explanation of why you want to be on their territory will likely be all the toll they require.

So please. If you find yourself needing to venture in Gelkk territory the coming market day, do so with consideration and respect. Why should we spill more blood then is necessary?



Thank you, Keladry. That is certainly something to keep in mind. Perhaps if we're lucky we can find some way to leverage for help narrowing down our search.

--Squire Fiona
Squire to Duke Carnifax