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  1. Zephyra

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    So it's pride month, and my province just announced an optional third gender marker of X on all provincial forms of ID.

    Do we have many (any?) non-binary players throughout alliance? Do they play non-binary characters?

    How do folks work with (around?) the societal binaries with washrooms/shower use?

    Do we have any in game non-binary titles or honorifics? (Ie alternatives to Sir, Lady, Baron).

  2. (I do not identify as non-binary)

    We have non-binary players and non-binary visiting players in my chapter- most of them that I've met also play non-binary characters though sometimes they choose to play binary characters!

    It's probably a combination of general geekiness and being a California chapter, but everyone can use whatever bathroom fits their personal identity as long as they don't like... Abuse that. But that applies to literally every person in a bathroom regardless of gender. Our most used site also has an additional neutral bathroom (just coincidentally) beyond the two binary bathrooms, which I think is great as a non-complicated option for non-binary folks so they don't "have to pick one."

    One of our two campaigns, Enerret, culturally uses "Sir" and "Lord" as neutral titles- there's no such thing as "Dame" or "Lady." I've never seen anyone so far using a noble title that's entirely neutral- I expect just "Knight" would work for anyone with a knighthood (Sir Blah, Dame Blah, Knight Blah) but I don't see an obvious one for titles above that. I'd love to see more neutral titles.
  3. I am non binary.

    But I currently play binary characters.My main is the same As what I was born as and my secondary character is trans. The replacement for my main, when she gets retired or killed, with be non binary through and through.

    in my chapter we typically only have one side of the bath house open so everyone just uses the same space and there really isn't a problem.
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  4. Cedric

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    Same, we have several non-binary folks in Colorado. We haven't come up with any new honorifics for them, but I'm sure our plot team would work on it if needed. Our chapter is very queer-friendly imo!
  5. Samyania

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    The Seattle bathrooms are divided into "PC" and "NPC," rather than by gender. Our current campaign uses "Ser" to refer to all knights and uses male titles to refer to all nobles regardless of gender, which is still like that thing.

    My PC's nation of stone elves has "Keeper" as the (second?) highest title, under a "Master Keeper" (I guess still gendered.... I wouldn't want to go for "Mistress Keeper" though........)
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  6. Mori

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    I'm agendered, but my current PC is binary (when Mori entered game, "nonbinary" wasn't a word yet ;-) ) I've never had problems with bathrooms, whatever I've used, and one of the camps I've played at only had one bathroom all together so the matter would never have come up. Any problems in a bathroom would be about behavior, not gender; everyone has kept themselves to themselves in my experience.
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  7. Naomi

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    You bring up a great point. I would be worth coming up with a non binary term for each honourific or in cases that it works, using one gender neutral term.

    My chapter has gender neutral showers and bathrooms with one gendered bathroom but mostly everyone just uses the neutral bathrooms. I think we just have the luck of the specific site we currently occupy. Not every chapter has a plethora of campsite options and make due with what they have. I know currently Traverse City is quite literally is a campsite so I think they just have porta pottys.

    I agree with Mori, any issues with someone using a washroom would be a behaviour one.
  8. Cedric

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    We only have gender neutral bathrooms in Denver (well they are two port-o-potties right now, but everyone uses them!). :p
  9. Grianadhmad

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    You are accurate :D

    I'm more an ally than an affected member of this question. OOG, I identify as "fluid" but was born male and mostly still act and present male. More about resisting gender roles than about my gender itself. IG, I play my dryad in Traverse City (and refer to many other dryads) as being able to choose what gender they are or aren't since plants have both male and female botanical parts. Other than that, agree with all previous persons about shared washroom issues.
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