General Lore about the Area?

Hello! I'm trying to write up a backstory for a character I want to bring to Crossroads sometime soon, but I don't know an inkling of the general lore in the area and Fortannis as a whole.

If anyone is knowledgeable in this matter, and is willing to set some time out of their day to type it out for me, (or point me in the direction of some website or the like) I would highly appreciate it!

~Until next we meet, Nøkk Grayoak.
Hey Nokk! I am a regular player at Crossroads. At one point they had some PDFs of each race packet. But some things about the land of Fortannis. Basically to accommodate the OOG of different chapters where you can still play your character that is "housed" at XR each land is separated by basically magical mist. The mists of Fortannis can allow you to travel to other lands but sometimes will pick up your character and plop them someplace else. which OOG would be your choice. Technically all the Lands of Fortannis are on the same planet. The national race packets can be found on the forums and on so check that out for some basic ideas of the races. The setting for Crossroads is the land of Kosmara. I play a High Ogre also know as a Sandborn. We live in the Common Wealth with Mystic Wood Elves and Hoblings. All the Elves, Stone Elves, and Dark Elves live in the south of Kosmara. the Humans live in Mercados and are typically good business people always wanting to trade and make a good deal. The Dwarves are slavers of Orcs and Biata in the South West. the Sarr (cat people) and Kin (animal people) live in Orenda which is an evil necromantic place that the High Ogres try and destroy everyonce in a while. the Barbarians and Solunari live/lived in the wylds which is a great forest in the center of Kosmara. Typically the Barbarians protect the forest from outsiders and will kill you if you enter and are not a Solunari or Barbarian. However prior to getting the new site the Barbarians united under one clan and attacked mercados. They were defeated and very few are left. Now anyone can enter the wylds with little repercussion and in fact that is where the current game is taking place. Adventurers who were kicked out of Mercados three seasons ago fled to the wylds and created the Town called Sanctuary. After fighting a guerrilla style war we eventually were found and almost dystroyed but last gather the Fae of the Wylds intervened and used crazy fae magic to expel the Mercadians. So.....yeah if you have a specific race you are interested in I can get that info for you. Also any questions about the last few years that your character would know I can inform you or the Head of Plot Colby Lingerfelt can let you know.....Look forward to meeting you!
Thanks for the Info, Sandborn!

To be honest, I was just planning on going into this Larp as a plain Human. No Pros, No Cons, and complete creative freedom when playing the character's... Well, character.

Past that, where would you say is the most logical place for an Earth Mage (Templar) to grow up in?

(And I know this is off, but does this world have any songs that a Bard or a Minstrel would be singing? Or is it possible to sing songs from out of the game? [Not like a Rock song, but more of Folk songs that would fit in a Medieval setting. Drunken Sailor, Ratlin Bog, etc.])

~ I'm looking forward to meeting you as well!
Okay. So as far as classes go they can be found in all areas of the world. You would of been taught whatever magic you come into the game knowing so you might want to figure that out. But if you are human I would say you come from Mercatos. Now why you choose to come to the wylds and sanctuary in particular is a better question. I would assume some sort of refugee from the Mercatos government or something. Your story tell it how you want. As far as Songs go folk songs are okay. There can be no reference to religion and obviously no modern stuff. But people do sing a lot so you wont be the only voice. Feel free to message me on FB my name is David Dickerson and I am on the XR page. I am also starting my own chapter of Alliance in Charlotte NC soonish.
Thank you for your help, I think I'm ready to make a backstory for this character now!

If you don't mind me asking, how soon would soonish be for the Charlotte Chapter? All things considered, that will probably become my main chapter due to how much closer it is to where I live.
Sweet congrats! We should be up and running in November! If you want I can send you the human race packet for humans for our land and some basic info about or land if you think we will be your home chapter. Let me know! Will I see you at the XR game on the 20th?


Another chapter?! This is great! So many questions!
Will there be any info forthcoming soon?
Info will be posted in June with Race Packets listed. The caps are being discussed we will def have a rit cap and possibly a level cap but it would be pretty high. But again June will see more info dropped along with first season schedule.
Well, crap.

Thanks for the heads up, it would have been a bit embarrassing if I made it all the way out there only to be stopped by the Gate!

I'll hopefully be able to make it to yours whenever it opens.

Have a good time at XR!
Well, crap.

Thanks for the heads up, it would have been a bit embarrassing if I made it all the way out there only to be stopped by the Gate!

I'll hopefully be able to make it to yours whenever it opens.

Have a good time at XR!
Hey man sorry about that! I just didnt want you coming all that way just to get turned away. I think its insurance that cost more when you have people under the age of 18. Again feel free to PM on Facebook and I can give you more info on my chapter. I would be thrilled to have you come out and play with us! also my friends and I have fight days pretty regularly if you want to come out. there is no age limit on those.


Asheville Staff
We do allow and insure minors but it is on a case by case basis . And I would have to meet a guardian face to face.