General Statement on Untagged Items


This hasn't come up much, but I am trying to run on a policy of explicit is better than implicit and also the degree to which this is true did lead to a major point of confusion in the last six months, so to clear the air:

There are a lot of items in the game—such as lockpicks, pieces of rope, lamps in your cabin, articles of clothing, stray cats, etc—which are generally untagged. This means that while the rulebook may even encourage you to have such items on you there's no expectation that every single item you carry be tagged.

This means, however, that there are certain situations to which we just have to say "be reasonable" because the effect would normally affect the item except for that it is untagged. If you stand next to an explosive trap and your liquid lights were destroyed, it is also probably reasonable that your lockpicks (and clothing on your back, but please don't strip unless you are properly dressed for it underneath) were taken out as well despite that they are an untagged item. Similarly, if someone wants to take your rope away to keep you from using it to escape, let them (it can stay within your sight at all times—they can't actually steal it as an untagged item—but just don't use it to effect your escape because they can't take away your untagged item).

As always, a marshals call in the field on these things should generally be the last word.

You can also usually get tags for your untagged items by assigning a value for them and turning in that amount of money at logistics, if you are so inclined. Please let them know ahead of time if such is your intention to streamline the process.


Suppose that my lockpicks are destroyed by an explosive trap in this way. Of course I still have my lockpick physrep on me. How do I "get new lockpicks"? Can I just go back to my cabin and say "I get a spare set of lockpicks out of my cabin" and use the same physrep? Or do I have to have a different physrep - this would seem to require marking my original physrep in some way to say "these don't actually exist anymore, they were destroyed"? (Presumably I can easily replace them between events - it would be silly to require me to OOG buy a new physrep when my current one is perfectly usable - but what about during an event?)

Jesse Grabowski

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Yes,you just go back to your cabin and pretend to get your new ones.


Same thing I do every time someone blows up my pants in a firey explosion. >_<


"Gee LaGarde, what do you want to do tonight?" - Baron Egil

"Same thing I always do every night Baron Egil, try and blow up my pants!" - LaGarde


Whats this Try thing Kendrick, Wylderkin Succeed! Especially when it's being rendered naked by fiery explosion or emergency call to arms.