Gifts from the Ambassadors

Last gathering, the freedom coalition received several gifts from the visiting ambassadors and they saw fit to pass several on to the adventurers. I want to make it known what became of them so no one has to wonder about it.

The first gift was a ritual scroll etched in dragon leather from the Elven ambassador. I gave this to Edwina, who originally received it from the ambassador, to do with as she sees fit. I will leave it up to her to reveal what the ritual on it was if she so chooses.

The second gift was an Obelisk of Ancient, which I believe came from the selunari ambassador. After conferring with Gandian I now know that this is the catalyst for the proscribe ritual, which creates an area that certain types of spirits are unable to enter, usually a certain race or a type of monster. My original intention was to auction to the town once we figured out what ritual it was the catalyst was to, but this may be another item that may be useful to have in the town box, though I see no immediate use for it. I'm open to suggestions on this matter.

The third item we received was the ominous-looking skull of dragon from the Biata ambassador. It has no inherent magical properties other than its striking looks. Again, my original intention was to auction it to the town and split the proceeds to the town but I was uneasy auctioning it given our tenuous relationship with the Biata nation of Yushein and how that may appear to them, especially given how long the Biata ambassador was present. For now, it remains in my possession but I would consider it the property of the town box as I feel that may be appropriate. If there is a ritual from the town box that needs to be cast on an item, I would have it cast on this.

I feel that it is important for me to open with where items such as these ended up and I would like opinions on what to do with the Obelisk of Ancient.

Zen Mallowbrooks


Chicago Staff
The Stone Elven Ambassador presented me with the Fang Necklace which allowed consumption of tainted food and 5/d Quicken Aid. I handed this off to the Auctioneers in which someone bid/bought at the end of Market.


Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
It should be noted that my knowledge of an Obelisk of Ancient Stone is of its powers in the past - it is possible that such a catalyst may correspond to something different from Proscribe within these lands.

~ Gandian