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    Hey Guys,

    We're making our first attempt at Gifts of the Lands. With the game still being a little inexperienced with the new 2.0 rules, these Gifts may get updated as we see how they get used. However these are all active for the weekend, and available for players that wish to spend the Goblin Stamps for them.

    All Gifts cost 100 Goblin Stamps, and once purchased last for the event. At the second Logistics period a character may purchase a different Gift, but any remaining benefits from the first Gift will be lost.

    Any spell effects granted by a Gift is activated using the "Spell" qualifier instead of a full incant (e.g. "Spell: Weapon Shield", "Spell: Charm", "Spell: Subjugate", etc). The spell effects are not reversible unless specifically noted.

    While not all Gifts are granted through an obvious In-Game source, any Character who is under the effects of a Gift understands that they are gaining power from an outside source. They may, at any time, prematurely end the effect if they so choose; however this ends the effect and it cannot be reactivated (it can still be purchased in the future).

    Gifts of the Guardians:
    The Guardians devote a portion of their power to strengthening members of the race that they protect. Even those from beyond the mists can benefit from this if they open themselves to it.

    (Biata Only) Phelorna’s Blessing -

    2x Turn/Control Undead (This effect is reversible, but Control Undead is still Necromantic in nature)
    2x Cure Disease
    1x Earth/Chaos Blade (This effect is reversible, but Chaos Blade is still Necromantic in nature)
    1x Destroy Undead
    The bearer of this blessing gains brief insight into any undead they encounter (OOG: You may ask the mod’s marshall for hints about how to deal with undead, or what kind of undead you’re encountering. This may also include information about environmental Chaos effects at the Marshall’s discretion.)

    (Dark Elf Only) Raqchi’s Blessing -

    2x Sanctuary
    2x Weapon Shield
    1x Release
    1x Cloak: Command

    (Dryad Only) Halvar’s Blessing -

    Channeling Pool of 50 which may be used in 5 or 10 point packets for Healing
    1x Purify

    (Dwarf Only) Mirmyl’s Blessing -

    2x Endow
    2x Weapon Shield
    2x Poison Shield
    1x Elemental Shield
    1x Spell Shield

    (Elf Only) Cyvoth’s Blessing -

    1x Shun
    2x Awaken
    1x Charm
    1x Spell Enfeeble

    (High Ogre Only) Grylrut’s Blessing -

    2x Earth Blade
    2x Destroy Undead (may be used as a Spellstrike)

    (High Orc Only) Burglim’s Blessing -

    2x Disarm
    2x Pin
    2x Shun

    (Hobling Only) Vunos’ Blessing -

    2x Spell Antidote
    1x Purify
    These effects can be refreshed by the Hobling sacrificing a single gold. No one knows how Vunos claims her bounty, but she seems more than willing to exchange power for gold. (OOG: By going to the Logistics station and turning in a single gold, the character can refresh this blessing. This will only replenish spells that have been used. This effect cannot be used during battle.)

    (Human Only) The Broken Promise -
    (With Evoder’s death, no one is certain where the power for this blessing is coming from. It does seem to be diminishing as more time passes, leading some to believe that it’s just the ambient energy left over from the Guardian.)

    Channeling Pool of 50 which may be used in 5 or 10 point packets for Stone or Lightning.
    1x Web

    (Oathsworn Only) Garn’s Blessing -

    2x Fortress
    1x Earth Blade
    1x Enhanced Blade
    2x Cloak: Command (These may only be used to cloak commands that would cause the Oathsworn to violate an Oath)

    (Selunari Only) Sharloth’s Blessing -

    2x Slow
    1x Silence
    1x Weakness
    1x Paralysis
    1x Destruction

    (Stone Elf Only) Igmodimens’ Blessing -

    1x Silence
    2x Banish
    1x Subjugate

    (Sylvanborn Only) Deolei’s Blessing -

    1x Awaken
    1x Spell Enslavement Antidote
    1x Spell Euphoria Antidote
    1x Cloak: Greater Commands

    (Wylderkin Only) Unyd’s Blessing -

    1x Spell Fear
    1x Spell Berserk
    1x Spell Charm
    1x Spell Sleep

    General Blessings:
    These blessings may be purchased by any character.

    Elementalist -

    25x Channeling Pool which may be used in 5 point packets for Flame, Ice, Lightning, or Stone
    1x Enhanced Blade (may not choose Magic when activated)
    1x Cloak: Evocation

    Guardian -

    1x Spell Shield
    1x Weapon Shield
    1x Poison Shield
    1x Elemental Shield

    Healer -

    25x Channeling Pool which may be used in 5 point packets for Healing
    1x Purify (can only be used to target the bearer of the blessing)
    1x Cloak: Necromancy

    Earthen Defender -

    1x Earth Blade
    1x Destroy Undead (may be delivered as a Spellstrike)
    1x Cloak: Necromancy

    Slayer -

    1x Monster Slayer of the bearer’s choice (this effect is on the character’s spirit, not a weapon, and will function with any weapon they wield)
    1x Enhanced Blade
    1x Earth Blade

    Evoker -

    3x 10 Evocation Bolt
    1x Lesser Magic Storm
    1x Bane: Evocation
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    if i understand "weapon shield" correctly it would be expended with the first valid weapon hit, is that correct?
  3. Ragnarok

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    Yup! Weapon Shield is identical to the old Magic Armor, it's name has just changed

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