Give Us Fresh Blood! Err... New Players!

Flyaway Bird

Alliance Deadlands is proud to present: The Bring-A-Friend Player Initiative!

If you bring a new player to an event who comes back for a second event, both you and they will receive 100 gobbies AND credit for one pick from our LCO ritual list, which can otherwise only be earned by NPCing a full event. (Void where prohibited, not to be combined with any other offer, etc.)

Bring your friends! Bring your friends again! Get sweet rewards and help our game run!

Are your friends interested but nervous about being the new guys? That's okay! We have some great resources for new players here.


Does it count if they NPC or is it just if they play as a PC?


Either way! The goal is player retention, so anyone who comes and plays two full events on either side of the fence counts.
My name is Chris Spencer, and I will be attending the Deadlands LARP permenantly starting ASAP. I am a long time LARPER and I have recently moved back up North from Atlanta GA. My bro, Adam Cushion recruited me to this game, and from what Im seeing and reading Im really excited. Ive been larping for almost 17 years (started as a page in Syraandor) and have since been and integral member of the NERO International Atlanta chapter as a Player, an NPC, a Rules Marshal, and a Plot Writer/Trailer Hauler for many of their events. Looking forward to attending the Aug event.