Gnomes, Fae, Sea Elves, etc.


Mostly curious where these races ended up in the mix:
Gnomes, Dark/Deep Gnomes, Deurgar/Dark Dwarves, Fae, Chaos Fae, Unseelie, Sea Elves, Fendari and Wood Elves.

Do they exist in Alliance lore still? Were they purged with the NERO split? Did some of them not exist at the time?
I've heard some interesting bits and pieces about some of them, apparently Sea Elves were part of the game at some point, and Fae technically still are. But what of the others?

Fill me in! I've been wondering for awhile.


In our chapter we have Duergar related to one of the mine story. We have fae of different types from another realm the PCs visited. I have yet to see any of the other races you mentioned. It does not mean these races did not appear in other chapters.


It's all up to local plot and even then, it's most likely a FOIG (find out in-game) thing. The rulebook sets up the game mechanics and some basic world descriptions to set a general atmosphere and power/politics of Fortannis, but the specific plot flavors beyond that are under the control of each chapter.

For example, one chapter's goblins may be vastly different from another. SoMN has particularly nasty and magic-using goblins, as opposed to the more "crunchy" goblins of other chapters. This has led to many travelling adventurers greatly underestimating their threat.

Even if your local plot chooses to include them, they are not under any obligation to have "universal Fortannis" style races in the way that the PC races are set up.

TL;DR - It's a your mileage may vary, ask local plot situation.
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I am guessing Keegan is asking more about races that are part of NERO International rules system and why they are not part of the Alliance rules system?

So far as I can tell, NERO International and Alliance LARP have the same races. Except we say Dark Elf and Wylderkyn and they say Drae and Scavanger, and we have Stone Elves. Perhaps you are asking more about races that are in SOLAR since you have mentioned that is where you are from and the races you listed are mentioned in the SOLAR rulebook?

If that is the case, SOLAR is an offshoot of NERO International (from my understanding) that added those sub-races. As far as I can tell NERO/Alliance has never had any of the races you listed as PC races as part of the national rules system. Back in the day a few chapters used to do their own thing allowing for offshoot races (such as Ocean Elves being an offshoot of Dark Elves in Seattle way back in the day), but that was never a national policy. Some time ago it was decided that every character could only be what was listed in the rulebook to facilitate character traveling between chapters, so those offshoots were then absorbed into their primary race.

Is that what you were looking for?


The only difference in races between NERO and Alliance (not counting names and racial abilities) is that we have Dryads. Any of those other races would have either been local variants or SOLAR stuff.


Sorta, its been a while.
There is a fair amount of racial diversity in Alliance, even with fewer races than I'm used to.

I was mostly just curious about the changes in player character races over the years. It's interesting.


We used to have a player that was a Sea Elf in Seattle...