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Discussion in 'Kansas: Out of Game' started by Jesse Grabowski, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. Jesse Grabowski

    Jesse Grabowski Fighter Owner Denver Staff Kansas Staff Marshal

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  2. Ruki

    Ruki Artisan

    Do you have dates for your events? How many gobbies is an out of chapter blanket?
  3. Jesse Grabowski

    Jesse Grabowski Fighter Owner Denver Staff Kansas Staff Marshal

    Dates will be forthcoming Very soon! Waiting on contacts for three camps atm.
    Out of chapter event blanket will be 60gs and monthly will be 30.
  4. Lia Lonalys

    Lia Lonalys Newbie

    I recently discovered your budding chapter and I wish to know if this is still active or not?

    There has been little activity within your forums for a few months, and I am eager to see the development of an alliance chapter within our Midwest area. Your location would be one I could attend regular events with, but I have no idea if this chapter is still actively being built or not.

    I am interested in making a large donation to help with your startup, and wanted to know what your policy on chapter specific races was?

    Please let me know if this chapter will still happen, and what I could do to help. Feel free email me directly as I check it regularly and efforts from my end to reach you have had no luck thus far even through your Kansas chapter's website.
  5. Muir

    Muir Templar

    Lia, they seem a bit more active on their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/AllianceKansas/), although the Alliance Kansas website (AllianceKansas.com) appears to be 404'ing just now.

    I scraped the direct link to their Player's Guide, though, if that interests you.

    Per the Facebook, they have events set for 11-13 August and 15-17 September. :)
  6. Lia Lonalys

    Lia Lonalys Newbie

    Wonderful! Thank you for the information! I think they should pist somewhere the best place to find out about upcoming events and the like XD. Digging surely deters a new player populace.
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  7. Lia Lonalys

    Lia Lonalys Newbie

    No luck getting a hold of them yet. Once again, no activity seen since may 20th or so. Beginning to think they're dead :(
  8. RMEloveslife

    RMEloveslife Newbie

    We apologize for being slow to respond. There is much to do before the first event! We are so excited for it though!!

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