Goblin/Dragon Point Totals for Players Query



With the recent post of asked donations and the offer of Goblin Stamps, those of us who have already donated items, time, or materials, but have not received notification of Goblin and Dragon stamp totals may be reticent to donate further until we get accurate totals of what we have currently.

When can we expect accurate listing of our totals, and if they are available currently, how would we request them?

Jesse Grabowski

Yeah, Paul and I are in the process of handing off the Database from me to him so I need to go back and double check last year's stuff, PRIOR to our first game with what he has and get them added in.
I just moved to the mountains so the interwebz and I are becoming friends once again. Give me a week or two and Paul should have the REAL database and your new totals with what you did last year prior to game, and what you might have done since.

I appreciate your patience! No one will get screwed. Trust me. If you feel you got screwed come March, come find me so we can make it right.
We will soon be adding the database to the online national database so you can see everything in full glory at your leisure.