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    As you all know, our game is run as a labor of love. No one is making their fortune running Alliance South Michigan. That labor of love is assisted in no small part by our player's and staff's contributions to the game and the major reward we give for those contributions are Goblin Stamps.

    In Alliance South Michigan we have a number of different benefits our players can receive in exchange for their collected Goblin Stamps including:
    • Monthly Character Blankets (30 Goblin Stamps)
    • Blanketing Missed Events (60 Goblin Stamps for a Weekend Event)
    • Buying Production (1 Production = 1 Goblin Stamp and you can spend 100 Goblin Stamps worth for each event)
    • Vacuum Packages
    • LCO Magic Items
    • LCO Ritual Scrolls and Components
    • Full Spellbook - 250 Goblin Stamps
    • Full Alchemy Book - 250 Goblin Stamps
    • Tagged Roleplay Items - 1 Goblin stamps per 1 copper ( This allows you to purchase roleplay items listed on Page 33 of the Alliance Rulebook; Horse, Boat, house, etc)
    • Full protectives - 40 Goblin stamps ( This purchase grants a bless,shield,endow,magic armor,spell shield, elemental shield, poison shield. )
    • Recharge spell store - 50 Goblin stamps for 10 levels of spell store. ( Spells may be split between different items and schools. ) This may only be purchased once per weekend.
    The post provides you with information about using some of those benefits with additional information attached so that the post is not 20 pages long.

    Questions regarding these benefits should be directed to AllianceSouthMichigan@gmail.com

    LCO Magic Items
    Each season, Players have the ability to buy LCO Magic Items with a number of Effects equal to the number of events we run that season (9 for 2017), this is the Player's Base Effect Limit. In the future we will allow people to rollover unused Effects from the previous year.
    • In addition to the Base Effect Limit, Players can add to their personal Effect Limit with addition Effects earned through NPCing, bringing new players to events, and other means.
    • Players may also purchase additional Effects at a cost of 100 Goblin Stamps per additional Effect
    A Player can create any number of items up to their Effect Limit or combine Effects into a single item. Players are responsible for providing a Phys Rep for their items.

    LCO Magic Items can be purchased through Logistics in advance of an event (NO ITEMS WILL BE MADE AT THE EVENT) and will use the first day of the next event as their Creation Date, unless the Player requests otherwise.

    Due to their nature as 1-shot Items, five "Store Ability" uses equal a single Effect (e.g. a 5/ever Dodge Item uses a single Effect, and costs 360 Goblin Stamps)

    LCO Ritual Scrolls
    Player's may purchase LCO Ritual Scrolls in order to create their own LCO items. With this option Players do not have the certainty of success but they are able to create a broader variety of items.
    In order to purchase a Ritual Scroll, you must have the Goblin Stamp amount available and request the Ritual Scroll by the Logistics Deadline before you want the Ritual Scroll available. No Ritual Scrolls will be printed at Logistics
    • These are LCO Ritual Scrolls that will create LCO items and effects only
    • For Scrolls the require a Catalyst or have an optional Catalyst, LCO Catalysts can be purchased for the same price as the cost of the scroll
    Each LCO Ritual Scroll will require Reagents, however a LCO Reagent, known as Mana is available for purchase at a cost of 25 Goblin Stamps
    • Mana Reagents may be used as a substitute for ANY Reagent on ANY Ritual Scroll, however any Magic Item created using even one Mana Reagent will be LCO.
    • Mana Reagents may also be used for Spellcrafting ANY Scroll
    • Mana Reagents may be purchased before the Logistics Deadline and, like Scrolls, will not be made at Logistics.

    Vacuum Packages

    Players may spend goblin points to purchase powers for their character for the weekend. Up to four tiers of powers can be purchased. The PDF attached has the information about the powers, and the rules the players become bound by when using a Vacuum Package.

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    The Vacuum Packages have been updated. Check it out!
  3. Alkalin3

    Alkalin3 Fighter South Michigan Staff Marshal

    I updated the Vacuum package again. The costs reflect the fact that one days sometimes happen and that it's less play time than a weekend event.
  4. Alkalin3

    Alkalin3 Fighter South Michigan Staff Marshal

    I once again updated the Vacuum packages. This new version reflects feedback from players about disadvantages, increases effectiveness of certain packages that were considered under powered.
  5. Alliance SoMI

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    These documents have been updated for 2018.
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  6. Alliance SoMI

    Alliance SoMI Artisan Owner South Michigan Staff

    The Vacuum Package document didn't have all the changes merged in. IE: The removal of Lucky and change to Artificer. Please reexamine the document as your leisure.
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