GoFundMe - Alliance Alberta


Calgary Staff
Hi Folks!

Up here in the Great White North our Chapter has a fantastic opportunity that we have been working on for a bit now. We are getting our own LARP land! It will be fired up in 2018 and this year we are continuing to work and prepare the site for next year.

As you can imagine, we have a ton of work to do and we need to put up several buildings to get us started. Normally, we do an "in chapter" donation drive, but as this is a much larger sum we are looking for, we thought it best to set this up on GoFundMe.

We have several levels that you may be interested in:
$25 for 250 GS and a thank you on our website
$50 for the Alliance Alberta T-Shirt (plus 500 GS)
$100 or the Alliance Alberta Hoodie (plus 1000 GS)

We also have 2 special Out of Chapter specials:

$125 for 2017 Season event blankets (20 log periods total this year)
$225 for 2017 AND 2018 season event blankets (40 or more)

Just a reminder for our US friends: our drive is in Canadian dollars, so your Greenback is worth about 25% more!


Thanks everyone!