Good fight with you folks....


Had good fight with all you folks... but after raisin dem sword ginst my orc brothas not ever allowed in dem ranks 'gin. I travel dem wayside for a while. I had one idea for i go away. You folks got lots of people storm dat castle but only few dem folks leave with good spoils of da fight. I never done heard of someone storm a castle and get so little less they was peasant army. I see lots of you poor folk and can't ford dem fancy item when the rich folk make you auction for dem just sit dere and watch dem buy stuff... not for me. I say do dat orc way... you kill it you keep dat stuff. You find it... it yours less someone bigger take it... so don't tell dem you find it... simples. 'Gin it was good fight with you folk. Maybe see you 'gin someday...
Oobee I assume this is your right? I think I recognize your voice.

You say that you don't think the amount of money and treasure that I know everyone was given from auctions was fair? I am sorry to hear that friend, but please be careful before you advise other adventures to virtually "steal" from the town by not turning in large treasure items found on monsters and creatures that everyone fights. Everyone got as little as you got in coin, and if they had the coin to purchase some of the items sold in the auction that is because they have adventured for months and months, and in some cases years and years to save up that money.

You can't just come adventuring one time and expect to find everything friend. I think you have a good heart but try to understand it takes time to find and build powerful piles of treasure. I'd be happy to help you or any adventurer with advice as to how to manage their treasure so that they can save it up to buy things in auctions and the like. But suggesting that we all the grab what we can take for ourselves will only lead to in-fighting and anger.

And for what its worth, all of us got far more money than any peasant army ever gets paid... That's a fact.

I wish you the best of luck friend! Be careful what you say in public, I believe Fern would probably have more to say as well if he wishes to speak.

- Taloc, Treasurer of Forests Edge


I say what I wanna say.... you got problem... come find me and shut me up. Don't ever step on my freedoms to speak! People don't gotta listen to me. They do what they do... I do what I do.

And yeh dis Oobee..
Old debate, people who control the economy get all the nice things... It... would be nicer if... it could be spread around... a bit more... give the younger people some more motivation... to come with us... an grow.

some reason... t' risk one's.... life for.

-James the Uncomfortable of Harbors Far


To be fair to our high orc friend, he may be suggesting a change in policy. That'd make it essentially OK for people to keep what they get. Now personally, I'd have gotten far less last market day if people kept what they found. On the other hand, it seems like a lot of people DID keep what they found -- have you ever heard of a corrupt army that only carried 2 small magic items and no formal magic scrolls? It's best to not worry too much about it.
-Hunter Davion


Hello All.
While i don't agree to what our good orc friend said, He should be able to say it.
While im a healer and not a front line fighter i almost never loot.
While Fighters are very important they tend to get all the loot.
That leaves us support people with very little to divy up.
While im not in this for money, there are many new adventurers that need something to buy those cure light wounds potions and other ways to keep you all alive.
Very little in this world is free.
Just ask Gorka how many potions we went through to take and keep the castle.
All i ask is you don't forget the people that get you off the ground and keep you from the earth circle.
Your thanks for listening.



It boggles my mind that individuals are short-sighted as to complain about the lack of coin or loot.

First, why is there an expectation that a corrupt army would be carrying formal scrolls to begin with? If I was a corrupt commander, I would not carry such items into battle, no matter how confident I was. I would cast my rituals before leaving versus carrying them with us. The corrupt are an intelligent foe.

Second, the keep we assaulted was built to withstand seiges as a military outpost, not to be a center of commerce or to be a trading outpost. There was no treasure room with thousands of gold, most of the weapons and items were used by the defenders to fight us off. Whatever was found was auctioned off with the proceeds benefiting all.

It was disappointing that there was not more spoils of war to be divyed up, I spent more in coin than I received: on the auction, providing equipment free of charge to those less seasoned then I, and providing a large amount of gold to pay for the fortifications to be rebuilt (which had a direct correlation to us surviving the night). I spent more so that those who were less seasoned would not be overly burdened.

However, I was not the only one to voluntarily spend great amounts of wealth that took me years to accumulate. If the only gesture of thanks received is whining and complaining; it will only serve to motivate that group of individuals to refrain from providing my assistance in the future.

The goal of this operation was not so short-sighted as an attempt to gain immediate riches; but was to provide a diplomatic service to Pratorak in exchange for access to a ritual that will prove useful to all of us in the near future. Consider our recent actions as an investment, not a short term liquidation.


Arcanist Dure'dhel



Yes, Dure'dhel is quite correct in that he was not only one who voluntarily spent vast quantities of "wealth". Both Thorador & I outfitted many of the newer & younger adventurers out of our pockets. The quivers of arrows and bolts that was used for the defense were donated as well.

And I for one, never looted during this entire siege! Thus the only coin I got was that which was divvied up amongst all.

We came to achieve a goal, and that's all we should have been expecting. I'm sorry if there are those who disapprove of the current method of "spoils distribution", it is the fairest method we've come up with so far.

- Tazoulti

I'd also just like to say Davian, while folks may not have particularly liked many of the items we found and auctioned off on Saturday morning because they were times ever, that was what was found. There were easily over a dozen items auctioned off that morning as well as dozens of production items. There was nearly 100 gold split evenly amongst all the adventures after that auction. I'm surprised and saddened to hear that in spite of this there are those who loudly complain that there was not "enough" given out.

I also appreciate what arcanist Dure'dhel has said about what was found Saturday night. Why would you expect much of anything at all to be found on an attacking corrupt army? Once again as far as I know what was found was auctioned by Fern and split evenly.

I hope we can continue to fight together for more than just the hope of treasure...

I had heard though the grape vine of my companions that laws were being made to prevent others from withholding things that they had found during a trek into the wild. While I nether agree or disagree with this proposition, it does occurre to me that such a law would need the ruler of this land's approval... It may be time to call another town meeting to discuss the merits and flaws of all the ideas that have come before us before we even attempt to bring such a law before the Barron. I for one would like to see a bit more regulations placed on commerce in general.

Ultimately, what is past is past. We should learn from what has happened, but never dwell to long for the now will pass us by. Everyone is in the right to feel strongly but don't let is separate us. The ideals of many can make us as a whole strong as long as you keep and open mind.

-Arrin Fillrith of Harbors Far
Don't ascribe sentient characteristics to the corrupt... we found items... times ever... they should have used them before dying, but didn't at all.

Every Large corrupt encounter has resulted in at least one unused scroll... that is why it is strange to not find one.

were you content with what you got?

... for all the sacrifices we all made, there was little compensation...

Again, old debate.... shouldn't be brought up again... unless... there is real support... for a change... opinions matter... arguing about something... without intent to listen... is bashing your head against a wall... and dishonest... what we owe each other... is to be fair... to who we fight with...

being honest... never gets you enough... live with it...

-James the Inconceivable of Harbors Far


I find that discussions like these, when had over the dream realm, loose much of the original dreamers intent in each dream. It may be because it is in dream and folks ideas get distorted and twisted, and folks miss other folks points and then someone dreams back refuting a point that was not the actual point of the other dreamer.

My point is that debates such as these with tensions on many different sides cause us to miss each others points, I simply ask that each reassess and carefully look at the content of each dreamers dream before dreaming an inaccurate response to someones dream.

On a personal note, I know I, as well as most of the town, spent large sums of money on attempting to increase our chances of success and know this, I believe as a whole we as a town spent more on this endeavor then we came out with treasure wise, but was that the point of sieging the castle? Treasure?
I know it wasn't my motivation, I don't think it was most peoples motivation. We gain wealth during our normal market days so that we can spend it on market days like these where there are big stakes and the cost of failure is too great. I doubt sieging castles will be a regular occupation for us adventurers, and as such I believe that the unique set up of this market day, where the majority of the action was the town working together as a whole and not smaller individual groups makes this a unique issue.

Yes there will be times where we fight as a town again, and yes treasure never seems to be divided completely fairly in these situations, but honestly, I have seen the attempts at making looting fair, and it either inhibited the groups ability to fight effectively, or others had issues with it, and I find that the more I talk to different people with differing opinions that I am not sure if any solution will ever make everyone happy.

This is not to say that it should not be discussed, but please remember that everyone has their own points of view, and their point of view is just as valid as yours, so discuss it friendly, not making personal attacks, and try and offer solutions and ideas to the problem, not complaints and anger that helps only in inflaming peoples anger,since in the dream realm our emotions tend to get effected so much more deeply then else where.

I make this caveat as a preemptive comment so as to try and prevent what I have seen in the past, a lot of angry dreams flowing back and forth causing bad mojo.

Remember we just shed blood and lives together, taking a castle, a bloody castle, back from necromancers, and then successfully defending it from an onslaught of corrupt, that is amazing, and we should all pat ourselves on the back, for if it was not for each and everyone of you it would not have been possible.

I apologize for any rambling, but I hope you head my words and remember to remember that the people you are discussion ideas with have good reasons for their stand point too, and to examine each others view points carefully so you truly know what they are saying before responding in kind.

With honor always,
Thorador Boulderfist


Pssch. An' this is why ze Pathfinders and I are at home in our nice warm farmhouse, rather than wading through mud and blood for a few coppers. Is the lot of the fighting man everywhere.

It always comes down to blood and gold. Our blood spilled so they can have ze gold.



I'm with Thorador. They spent a huge ton of gold to take this castle, and even more to defend it. If it weren't for them I doubt we would've lasted the assault. Remember, the point of this castle wasn't to plunder it, it was to take a strategic point for fighting the corrupt from. If we start with the infighting now, it will only lead to our own demise later. The corrupt have no such weakness such as infighting.

New adventurers, fame and fortune don't come easy. The ones you that donated all of this stuff have been adventuring for quite some time now. They worked and worked and worked at it. Many don't even make it as far as they have. Several give up the life of an adventurer and many others perish at the hands of the corrupt.

In all honesty, we've taken people such as Dure'dhel for granted. They put in a lot of money into taking a keep whose worth was only for fighting the corrupt from. My apologies, I would thank each and everyone of those who put a huge sum of money into taking and holding the keep, but dreaming like this is hard, and I don't really have the time. We take you guys way too easily for granted, and for that I apologize.

I know I'm just repeating most of what I say over, but again, this isn't an enemy we can take lightly. This is an enemy with very few weaknesses and currently only one fatal flaw that I've heard of and seen with my own eyes. Their strength is uncanny, and their only emotion is to kill.

Now, one last note before I leave you all. Most of you don't know who I am, but for you new adventurers thinking I'm just another 'high and mighty' 'rich' adventurer, I am not. I was unable to contribute anything at all to this fight besides being there. I, myself regret not being able to contribute at all, besides being there to fight.




You seemed to have missed my original points. There were four of them. First, I was saying Oobee has every right to make any suggestion he'd like. Second, I said if people HAD kept what they found, I would have received less money last market day. Third, I'm a seasoned adventurer, please don't try and convince me what was fishy and what wasn't. Yes, it's possible this corrupt army wasn't carrying anything else, but my experience indicates that as a very remote and unlikely explanation. Fourth, I said it's best not to worry about the loot that happened at the castle.

-Hunter Davion


I have no patience to be a mediator, but this talk of loot has to stop.

The corrupt aren't going to fill your coin purse and I sure will not fight along side someone who only wishes to make a profit.
Go fight bandits if thats what your after, more wealth to you.

I'm concerning myself with the task at hand, the corrupt.

This is pathetic.

- Guardian D'rezz



-Thorador Boulderfist

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
My fine fellows,

I personally agree with D'Rezz. Stopping the Corrupt waves should not be a matter of wealth collection, it should be a matter of creating a safer world for us all. There are plenty of ways to boost your personal funds, and if any of you are going to gripe about how the Corrupt don't have enough to sufficiently weigh down your pockets, I implore you to explore other options rather than merely dragging on conversation about your discontent.

Everyone is valuable in a battle against Corrupt, and we all fought gallantly, and we were all paid as equally as possible with what was found. That is the truth of the matter. Hypothesizing about how the Corrupt might have had more does nothing but divide us, and in these troubled times riddled with Corrupt and Forsaken attacks, we need to be stronger than ever.

I do not mean to criticize any of you, and if I appear to be doing so, I apologize, but this whole situation is ridiculous.

~ Gandian Ravenscroft
Second Guardian to Tazoulti Strongbeard
The Order of Shadow's Light
Celestial Neophyte of Gaden