Goodbyes & Moving Sale


To all of my Adventuring Family,
I was wanting a to do this in persons but day not da case
Some of yous might not knows dis but i will be leaving to explore far away lands after this next market, but before we haves more. I have been unable to make it to the last few markets and the next one seems to not be in da stars eider. So firstlys I feel day I cannot represents and learn from Sara Fionas teachings if I not dare. Also how’s can I be loyal to a Count or Baron if I not in da lands. So I will be stepping down as da squire. I will stay involved wit da military and hopes to come back and visits some time. Sees you all agains. Secondly s Cus of dis I is lookin to sell some of da scrolls and da components I have tied to deas lands. I have a Heroic intercepts, and empower warrior. I don’t knows if we’re I ans going will haves a powerful caster for some time. Not like the Beryl and da Asher of old. So if yous wants any of deas let’s me knows and I can figures out a ways to get dem to da markets.

Lt. Bruisey Foemangler

Oh and a few more things.

To Zihr my first friend I founded. It was so nice meetings you at dat Bakery next to my Butcher shops. I really wish our buddy da candle stick makers could have joineded us. We pickeded up Gauld da Muffin Man alongs da way. I hopes you lead with courage’s, fight wit bravery, and you live wit Honor. I knows yous going to be really good wit dat last ones. You all da times was much better at dat Dan me. Untils we meet agains.

To Elros da leader of our happy group
It was a pleasures getting to knows yous. I knows yous will find all da undead s and rips them out by da roots. My your blades never be dry of undead blood or ooze. My your blades strike da trueness insides you. And Mays you bring da lightness into da darkness.

Captain Bel
Whiles I not see you dis years yous be a great captain. I is sure yous sailing out dare somewheres. You give mes da bested ship yous ever coulda and dat da ship of friends….no no I means da friendship.

Sara Fiona
I know we were able to talks a little bit at da first market about dis change I thought da paths might be a little different but da stars not line up good. Thanks for all da teachings and da memories I will keep dems and remember dems always.

Dat is really da end now
Until da next time wedder in dis lifes or da next.

Lt. Bruisey Foemangler
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Lieutenant Bruisey,

I am sorry to hear that you're leaving but I know that your journey will continue wherever you are. Even though you may not be here, you will always be an adventurer of Erabella as far as I am concerned and you will always have a place among us. I look forward to when we meet next and I can see the progress you've made.

Until we meet again,
Friend Bruisey, I'm saddened to hear our paths will seperate but hopefully we will meet again in the future. though if you are willing i would like buy the Ley Ore and the Heartstone componets you have for sale.

Iganeous Ironforge


I have updated to reflect deals made.

Payton (Bel)

Minnesota Staff

Take care in these new lands and may you find many new friends and opportunities. I have treasured our friendship these past few years and I hope to see you again sooner than later! Should you ever find yourself in Evodia again, know that you always have a place amongst us adventurers. Perhaps even more importantly, once a member of Order of Dawn, always a member! If ever you have need of us, I know I speak for the rest of the guild when I say we'll always have your back (even from across the mists)!

I will not say goodbye, but rather "until next time"!