Gorka and Blue froggy babies in a tummy


So when we go try to rescue man from the Caller and the Blue froggy type of things that can put eggs in the tummy. How do you kill the eggs in the tummy before they hatch? How do you tell someone has them? Is there any way to save the host?

Gorka think her sister Kendra get them, Gorka want know how to kill them.



Wait... elosdi have managed to migrate beyond the mists????

When did you last encounter them? Where? This is VERY troubling. If you can induce vomiting somehow you can usually throw them up, if they haven't grown yet. Once thrown up you can stomp on them, burn them... destroy them completely.

-Kamryn nic Fallon


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They were with us, we were all "stuck" in the mists.


The entire concept of traveling beyond the mists confuses me. I'm not sure how an entire group of people can get stuck in them.

At any rate those creatures are bad news. I've not yet seen any infect a female though so your sister might be fine. Make her throw up anyway, just in case.

-Kamryn nic Fallon.

Lanna Rose

Those frog things are bad news. But as said already we haven't seen any women infected with them. But seriously hit her with a few nauseas or something. If you think they are there at all make her throw them up.

Eitiri Anvilstrike


Saradys, I am indeed headed there. It should be... interesting. I look forward to seeing you and Leona again.
Oh, my, I do hope everything turns out alright for you my dear.
However as a culinary side note, try to retrieve the elosti eggs. If cleaned, cooked, and chewed very thoroughly, they are a true delicacy. The spicy red ones being a personal favorite of mine.
Best of luck to you and yours, where ever yours and you may be.

-Charlais mac Quintella


Ok, so if I don't get rid of the eggs what is gonna happen? How do I kill the grown ones? do they have any weaknesses? Do they get affected by gasses?

I need to know all that I can in case they break out.



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Nauseas don't always work... at home I've never seen them work... other stuff does though... last time I saw it done it took a potion maker and an alchemist


(I'm from the Locust Tribe in Barran, by the way)


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Awwww crap in a hat!

Those creepy egg layin puddle jumpers jammed their babies doen my gullet. Some "nice" folks beat the ever lovin meat outta my gut till i retched between 8-10 eggs which were dmashed. These things are butt heads and i encourage distributing heapin helpins of visceral agony to em....heya Eitiri!



Nauseas or having a golem punch you in the stomach seemed to work just fine.
Cure Disease also worked (once the eggs were big)

~Oxana Grodzky
Hobling of Tel Al'anor