Green Mist warnings


Good afternoon,
I need to warn all of you about something that recently occurred and may have some far reaching implications for all of us who have travelled to Cinderfel. It seems that in attempting to restore a balance between the Fae rulers, we have encountered an old enemy that takes the form of a green Mist. Deborah, who was with me at the time, called it "the Wrack". it appeared as a green mist that travelled with us and back as we sought to fulfill the bargain made with the Fae during our gathering earlier this Winter/Spring. I believe that several old enemies of ours, from times past have made their way, via this green mist, back to Cinderfel with us. If you would like to know more about what we saw, Please reach out to me, or Deborah. I will be checking in at the Tavern in Mournstead regularly, but can be found with the Kotar encamped near Mournstead if you wish to speak with me in private. (oog: send an email to griffonguard at gmail dot com)

Duorn Bronzebeard Deepdelver
Squire to Justicar Crick of Tower Portal
Oh the nostalgia! Tears to my eyes. Squire Duorn, I’d like to know more, and to assist, if my aid would be welcome.

Sir Heresy
Lord of Goshawk
Order of the Golden Flame