Greetings and farewell.


Citizens of Ashbury, and those that read the dream-scape,

I have known many of you for quite some time, I have been at odds with a few of you for a shorter time, and I have just met a new batch of adventurers. I wish you good luck in the coming months and years. I apologize for my absence on the line and by the hearth. I will endeavor to visit on occasion, but I am sure my new position will challenge me for a while as a time commitment and there will be some smaller bit of leash to deal with as well.

For those of you not aware, I am now the Pilot of the Castle Eidolon that links the planes together. This is a choice I made freely, but not selflessly. I am not from Ashbury. I am from Bastion, in Justicia. This land is closed to me and has been for some time. The land I chose for my new home was Midian. Alas, within short months, this land was also closed off. My next adopted home was in Vandlar. I know some of you had come out to visit that land, and know its wonderful citizens. As these lands have all closed, I have also closed down. My connections with my fellow adventurers has been very rare. I count those that are close to me as my only solace in an ever shrinking universe.

My position as Pilot will allow me to explore avenues that reach these places that have been out of touch to me. I am very grateful to Grimm to think of me as the choice to be the pilot, and to all those around that thought I was the best suited. I appreciate the good will and confidence you have shown in me.

This is not a goodbye, it is more of an acknowledgement. I will return to give salutations. I will endeavor to help in extra-planar affairs. Things may change, and so will I.

Tempestarristan Mordanthlin
Commander, Bastion Irregulars (Retired)
Pilot, Castle Eidolon
Dear Tempest,
It seems that you and I were not fated to ever meet while travelling with the court of the Ash Forest. If ever you find a way back to Tyrra, please let me know. I too would like to eventually go home.

Thank you,


Tempest ,
I never got the chance to thank you for all that you have done to help save the sanity of my people, so for that i humbly thank you. You are a greater person then most for taking on this responsibility. When the essence of a fallen star is auctioned off in the spring I will make sure your cut is put aside.... this way you always have a reason to come visit.
I look forward to your stories my friend .



HQ Staff

I paid a great deal of attention to our talks and your subtle and not so subtle lessons you would teach. I have seen you put yourself in desperate circumstance for a cause greater than your own wellbeing and you did it for the right reasons. Asking you was the hardest thing I have had to do. But the choice of whom to ask was the easiest. As ever if the castle needs a defender call on me. And you are always welcome in my halls and to drink from my tankard.

Vigilance and Valor
Sir Marcusagrim Anvilstrike
The stormheart