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Seattle Staff
Good afternoon,

I'm planning to take a jaunt through the Mists to visit Calandonia in a few weeks' time, to break bread and share your company (and hopefully take a bit of a vacation from the war front I'm currently living in). I was hoping someone might be able to offer space to a humble Hobling from afar. I can offer a Ward for the building, as well as some small measure of mutual protection should threats arise during my visit (as they always seem to do).

How are things in Calanda these days? The last time I was there, the realm was pulled into some sort of mirror universe. I look forward to meeting many of your folk under what I hope are more normal circumstances.

-Lord Polare Lissenstine of Strayden

Josh Voorheez

Diversity Committee
Greetings Polare, I am glad to hear you are well, and that you will be visiting our lands. I would happily prepare some room in my bunkhouse for you, if you would like to share space with me again.

Things in Calandonia have been strange over the past few months. The abilities of the adventurers staying in the lux have been in flux lately, changing from month to month. It is a confusing time, and it may affect you when you arrive here as well. Other than that, its the usual, being besieged by dragon mages and necromancers and what not. But a man of your skill and character will be welcome with open arms if you are willing and able to help. Also I personally would love to hear any tales of your adventures since our time in the irridium shard. Please contact me through the dreamscape if you have any questions before your visit, I would gladly help you with anything you need.

Warmage Jinn Wildgrove of the Arcane Sanctum


Calgary Staff
Hello Polare my friend! I am happy ta hear that ya are returnin for another visit to our lands, it will be great adventurin' with ya again. There are many dangers in our lands, much like tha last time ya visited, and many things are in flux thanks to what I assume is some weird fae and dragon magics, so no chance of bein bored! If'n ya be needin a place ta stay I would be happy ta open the doors of ma home in the Lux ta ya for the duration of your visit. Lookin forward ta many stories n' adventures with ya again.

Lady Morrigan, Oathsworn Archer


Greetings Lord Polare Lissenstine,

It seems we may have a chance to meet once again, although you may not remember as I mostly glimpsed you from far afield almost 4 years ago, now. I may be at the Lux when you are set to arrive. It is a wonderous place of great knowledge. I could spend many lifetimes there in labyrinths of libraries.

I see that offers of accommodation are flooding in. You shall be well taken care of, I'm certain. Looking forward to discussing the fluxes we are experiencing in our realm. Your thoughts on the subjects will be thoroughly intriguing.

Until your arrival,
Lady Malithon Baccara


Lord polaire allow me to add my voice to the chorus welcoming you to stay in my cabin. Regardless of if you choose to bunk with me I have a magical beast I would love to introduce you too that provides protection like a ward over my cabin.
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