Guild points (May 9-10-11)

Kerak Badgergast
Guild service 12 pts.
Blacksmithing for adventurers (silvered pole arm and 5 quivers of arrows) 2 pts.

Total points 14/maintain 10/banked 4

Grim Anvilstrike
Guild service 6 pts.
Blacksmithing for adventures (4 arrow quivers) 1 pt.
Blacksmithing research/experiments 2 pts.
Anvil/Hammer/guild chest 4 pts. and 65 gobbies

Total points 13/maintain 5/banked 8

Chulainn Stoneclaw
Guild service 8 pts.
Blacksmithing for adventurers (2 quivers of bolts) 2 pts.
Teaching Kerak to teach 1 pts.

Total points 11/maintain 10/banked 1
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