Halloween Weekend Favorites


Chicago Staff
I spent most of the time in the kitchen or running around doing Rob stuff not Kitaruen but still had a lot of fun.

A few highlights:
  • Working with Oksana and Redthumb in the Tavern
  • The monologue that wasn't
  • Necro Baby discussions
  • Necro Train discussions
  • The Bloody Mary intro
  • Baby Rusty
  • Beryl ritual casting



- Playing Red Light, Green Light and desperately trying not to think about Squid Game

- I enjoyed the childlike story that was built and was having fun anticipating what nostalgia cue may come next.

-Bloody Mary in the tavern Friday. "5 silver" "No effect" keeps monologuing
"2 normal" "No effect" keeps monologuing
"2 healing" "No effect" keeps monologuing
"Weaponstrike Purify" "Got it" RAAAAAAAGE


-Performing a dual school ritual with 5 other casters, declaring dominance, and having not a single person bat an eye or attempt to resist. Well, ok then.


Public Relations Committee
Thank you to the Chicago Plot Team and all Chicago Player's for giving us the opportunity to run an event that I babbled about while sleep deprived in the car with Daphne and Sam. It was so much fun for me to be recovered enough to be active and NPC for you all.
This isn't a full list of my favorites nearly what I can remember while still hurting and super sore.

Greeting the Adventurers as they came into the Icey Pineapple.
Margaret was so happy to have help.

Seeing your reactions to the blood stained wedding dress.

How fast the job board went with the excitement of picking up a token without knowing what the token meant. Jumping in feet first can be exciting.

Playing Mama Naga while you all searched for her granbabies and making sad snake noises. Making a crying hiss is hard. Plus an unnamed Adventurer stepping on a snake and squeeling out in pain. It was fantastic. And the resolution between Rikki the Face and Mama Naga was great.

Red light - Green light weeping angel module. It has been years since I played cat's cradle. Having a trap maker use my hands to go from cradle to tea cup is one I will remember for a long time.

All things no-eye Rusty. Thank you Andrew for jumping ship and for allowing Sam to play baby Rusty. All the role play with that I suspect will have years of good character growth.

Finding the Calle Lilly. The pure gumption of walking around in knee deep snow while fighting no-eye Rusty was great.

The PCs who resolved the lack of spoons by inventing a sport. Pure genius.

Marshaling the final ritual and the fight being drawn out by not having the pure Calle Lilly. The look on Sid's face as Beryl realized it was missing was heartbreaking. He made a very large item the night before and now he couldn't even start. I was happy that the flower was found and also happy with the ingenious idea of Glen using the stick from the First Tree. Seeing the blue green meteor was a sign for sure.

The culmination of the weekend and just beating Mary to death, leaving only her blood soaked dress.

Trick or Treating at the tavern as the sharknado, as Slash and Slasher. I wasn't sure how that would go down. But, you all seemed okay to give us candy and copper. Then being escorted by the Tyran elves of Glen and Dramathin. It warmed my heart that it was them.

Being purified using the eggs.

Playing Angel the necromantic construct and making a new friend.

I hope you all had lots of fun and let us story tell for you in the future.



Chicago Staff
Thanks for coming out to the first event inwas able to help run in a very long time. I was super excited to get in there and flex my RP abilities. Here is some favorites of mine.

- Mary's entrance. I know ya'll spotted the train on my dress. And no one stepped on it, but I had a contingency for that, I promise.

- Breakfast teenager shenanigans and Dysilvia making friends with the kid and giving him some "haterade"

- "Can't be held to a pinkie promise if you don't have any pinkies." - Pebbles.

- Messing with Blue haired elf.

- Mr. Beard 1 and 2.

- The food that I ate a lot off.

- Auryns mirror realm bad tea meltdown.


- Andrew hoping the fence and running with a small idea that I'd had last weekend. The Chaos that ensued.

- Baby Rusty Babysitters.

- Dooming a chicken.

- Making Mutt the happiest Dog-kyn ever and getting Rusty a family. Highlights from that:
-- "Did you wash your paws?"
-- "You have to try the veggies once and if you don't like it, you don't have to eat it."
-- All the praise for the ritual casting during the final fight.
-- Rusty Rezzing Rusty and the conversation about how he doesn't have to be an a-hole.

-Startling Carrie because she didn't expect me to be in the bathroom as Rusty and genuinely mistook me for Andrew.

Bloody Mary's fight. Julia did awesome as my stand in fighter.

Watching the trick or treaters decide what to put on to go to the tavern. I refused to veto that fun.

There was just so much stuff and moments that I'll remember for a while. Thanks again for the opportunity to entertain ya'll.


Chicago Staff
Wisconsin Staff
I loved baby Rusty and was really thrilled how Andrew, Sam and the plot team were able to take my off the cuff idea and turn it into something amazing. I especially loved Rusty resurrecting Rusty.

I loved the MtP/MB origin story, and while it was great to be part of IC. I was however retelling the story as Arthas and Jaina and the fall of Strathhome City. Sam, portrays a very convincing Prince Arthas.

Not at game, but afters. Spaz completely missed Alimarain, but Daphne mentioned that Alamarain was played and I immediately brought her joy by my immediate recognition and excitement about jt - completely disrupting the story Daphne was going to tell. When then started an entire 20min talk about how spaz is a giant nerd.

Oh look, my first event using a 1h weapon.
...and.... its shattered. Well, I guess the bending is back on...


Chicago Staff
Yeah, this was us. Except we debated who’d go first for a bit.

Except Kit was like, F this and cloaked the repelled.


Alliance Rules
Chicago Staff
Here are some favorites in the order I remember them and then write them down.

-Hey I cast a 20 rit. What a slog.

-Throwing sticks for Mutt. "No take, only throw!" Also watching chase after a stick shouting "I have the best life ever!" She just perfectly encapsulates happy doggo vibes.

-Necro baby conversation. Does it float? It depends on the density of the purify potions. Is it evil? Well it depends on whether or not the spells are spell augmented. Is it person sized? No just baby sized. But if you bane the corrupt it throws at you, are you a necromancer? Meh who cares.

-Helping to make a new player's (Iben) game by having him carry the catalysts to the final ritual site along with the awesome blue flame candle.

-Working with Khademus and having awesome business partner interactions.

-Getting to know players and PCs I know well with a character they haven't met yet.

-Being satisfied that I couldn't find another PC (E or C) with more high magic than me. It has everything to do with pride and bragging rights.

-Testing out lesser magic storms and potency. I normally prep spell shields but this event I prepped Lesser Magic Storms (No on tell Alexander). I was so pleasantly surprised to enjoy it. Its fine in terms of effectiveness and always gives me something to throw if I want to. I'm so glad I took Bluwolf's advice and put 4 potencys on my spell book.

-Double taping both Rusty and BM with Prisons only to protective reflex their banes. Such a cool feeling of powerful magic vs powerful magic. Now only imagine if I had enough HM left to prep banes of my own.

-All the light hearted little kid vibes of the event combined with the horror themes was very fun. I especially enjoyed the trick or treaters post auction.

-Apathetically destroying crunchies when I dont want to fight them.

-Making Briar loose it with laughter after they tried to kiss Lacy (their SO) right after Lacy had killed the crunchy Briar was playing. "Who are we to stand in the way of true love?"

See yall in two weeks back on my normal side of the fence!



In no particular order :)

As we are marching down the path to the final ritual site, Isabo firing arrows at Evil Rusty. "If you fire another arrow at me you fail your task Isabo!" Binar and I in unison shout "Keep shooting at him Isabo!"

Escorting the children back to their homes. Gotta make sure the little bit of innocence left in the world continues for as long as it can.

Watching all the "Zelda Chickens" go crazy in the afternoon. Sometimes a lil bit of silliness and chaos makes for a great laugh and helps reset the mood.

Interrupting quality family time between Rusty and Mutt when he was trying to corrupt her. Sorry, do not want undead doggos running around.

Interacting with and watching the newer adventurers step out and do their best. I love seeing others get to do a cool thing or get an awesome little story out of an interaction/fight. These types of memories are what make the game worth playing.

Having a march battle go as smoothly as it did. Props to all the PCs for putting up with me yelling out marching orders. Ian and Nick you guys did fantastic in keeping the front and back lines together and moving as a unit.

Using my activate solidify item to bring Mary the Pure back into proper form and Sid just giving me a look. Sid - "WTF?! You just have that laying around?" Jared "Hey man, I fight blood golems" Sid -"Ok yeah that checks out"

Thank you Amanda, Daphne, Sam and all the NPCs that did an awesome job running around all weekend to provide an enjoyable weekend :)