Harsh Light of Day: Favorites

You know the routine. Feed the staff your favorites. I'll try to post my own this time after work.
Head of Plot


All right, everyone. I play Otho - you know, the wizard? - and I need nine-hundred and ninety-seven more days of sleep. Let's get this show on the road. I'm gonna use character names but you should just assume that I love you OOC as well. If you aren't on this list, I'm very sorry that we didn't get to interact as much as I would have preferred and next time let's get together and chat.

  • As far as my personal plot is concerned, having the other shoe finally drop is not a relief. It's just a whole new closet of friggin' shoes. I am very sorry for the nightmarish onslaught of punches to your respective faces I am saving up for various NPCs, but if it's any consolation, there are so many caveats and questions that need to be answered that it's possible you may escape my wrath unscathed (and also Plot has my tears-in-eyes shining gratitude for being as generous and cool to me as they have been hello I love you).
  • Having Squire Prolon L'ar in Oldcliffe is cheating. It's just cheating. Having someone on hand who is that compassionate, that sincere, and that level-headed, who is ALSO as adept as he is at assessing situations and reacting appropriately, while SIMULTANEOUSLY managing to somehow juggle his own ethics and morals with the morass of quandaries that Oldcliffe represents, is basically playing Nine Towers with the Konami Code on. When Otho grows up, he wants to be just like Uncle Prolon.
  • I will never understand how Hogrim Earthblade can be as unflappably, relentlessly A Leader as he is. I will certainly never understand how he is able to project intrinsic command and preternatural calm WHILE WEARING A SLING. He is the perfect second in command and is not allowed to not be there ever ever ever again. When Otho grows up, he wants to be just like Uncle Hogrim.
  • Satya, Cassian, Drekken, Nyxtra, Juliana. Hey, guys. Uh. So. Remember when we thought we were gonna kill each other, and then that stopped being a thing and instead we started alternating between drilling holes in Otho's brain badness and then getting fudge-drunk in the corner at one in the morning? Yeah. So, uh. Let's be best friends forever. I promise I won't let the dogs bite you (much).
  • Satya and Cassian in particular - oh my God, you guys. I can't deal with the intensity (and by that I mean I want to wallow in it forever.) Thank you both SO MUCH for doing so many things to my heart. Super best.
  • Kar, I will have emotions time with you literally any day. You are on the "yes and" list with me - anything you want to do, I'm down to clown. Otho is on your side basically eternally.
  • Evangeline. I don't know if it came across, but Otho doesn't actually like other satyrine all that much? Seeing your tireless devotion to being as brave and useful and clear-thinking as possible NO MATTER WHAT has definitely had an influence. Let's hang out in the middle of battles and scary caves more often.
  • Ahi and Maluhia, as always, it is a pleasure to be able to look across a room and see the Pau-Papa contingent looking me in the eye, quietly prepared to bring the pain to every stupid thing that rolls up the hill, and just understand that the three of us are thinking the same thing: "YEP, SAME S*** AS ALWAYS." Also, that magma serpent, yo. More serpent, less mint. Maluhia, I promise we will preserve your back if it happens again.
  • Stephano, Curtis, and Polybius. Stephano of course by now understands that Otho is ready and willing to do just about anything to keep the back of the crazy biata from across time and space, because WHAT A BRO. Curtis was a tremendous pleasure to get to meet, and our conversations about the relative morality of Things and People in particular was delightful. Polybius... we're gonna solve mysteries, you and me. Gonna find the motive.
  • Tarris and Bethrega. I hope I didn't come off as condescending to you guys this event, because that was super not at all my intention. It's just that you guys seemed to be going through some stuff and I wanted to help my friends. :( Battle buddies and trusted runners are the best and anything Otho can do to help will be done.
  • Mischa, if we keep alternating between screaming in each other's faces about important stuff and then hugging it out and crying, people are going to start to talk. In retrospect, considering what the stars keep showing people, it's probably for the best that we kept our attention on the matters terrestrial instead of going stargazing this time.
  • Speaking of stargazing, let's talk about how awesome Legaia is, and how completely killer it is to have more celestial naughtiness on the field. Have fun being Visions person, I'm just gonna keep throwing fireballs and handing out magic blades and hitting stuff with my stick. <3
  • Okay. I saved this for last. I need y'all to understand about Tyrus, Septus, and Sagan, because it comes with a story. The short form is, these three Legionnaires (along with Hogrim and Legaia of COURSE but they are not part of this particular story) are exactly the kind of person that Oldcliffe needs about fifty million of. Hell, I wish I had a Tyrus, Septus and Sagan IRL at my job. They GOT IT DONE, every time, no exception.

Here is the story.

It's Sunday afternoon, and it's noontime. We have just had our genitalia firmly kicked into our pelvic cavities the evening prior. We are out of life spells, almost out of curative spells, almost out of protectives. I have no wand charges remaining. It's very hot and humid. The Big Announcements have just been made to the ambassadors, and everyone is reeling. The prince has just run off. Someone went after him and they had a Sad Time together. I've just been briefed on some seven or ten potential disasters that Might Happen At Any Time. I go to sit down on the bench next to the fire pit.

What am I gonna do? I'm the Mayor of Sad Town and we've just wrapped up a three-day Sad Fest. Everyone's losing their minds. People are huddled in the corners. The Centurion is slumped down next to me, muttering something about how he can't even call himself an ambassador anymore. I'm wracking my brain, trying to think of anything at all to say, just to try and find any one sentence that will convince everyone to pull themselves together and stand up to whatever new hell was about to pop out of the ground at Any Moment. I'm defeated.

Then, I hear a murmured conversation, near a cabin. It's Tyrus, Septus, and Sagan. They're deep in thought, talking very seriously. I can't quite make out what's being said, but all of a sudden, there is a consensus reached. Sagan returns to the tavern. Septus goes to the cabin. Tyrus wanders over a little - not quite up to me, but near enough that I can hear what he has to say. He says something to me that fills me with a light of hope I would not have thought possible.

"Squire, I'm gonna use the hand crossbow. Septus has gone to strap more knives to himself."

It was like a gentle breeze washed over my soul. I saw the clouds part and the dawn break. All at once the world around me came back to life. I could hear Hogrim and Prolon and Legaia up in the tavern, bouncing around, making sure that potions and alchemy were being distributed, that armor was being refit. I could sense the mounting defiance of the people, ready to pour their rage out onto whatever poor bastard was about to stumble up the hill into a hornet's nest made out of magic and swords. I didn't have to SAY or DO anything. Everyone was just doing their jobs. Septus was strapping more knives to himself.

I swear to you, my friends, there is no sensation in this or any other world more genuinely relieving than the certain understanding that Septus has gone to strap more knives to himself. In that instant, I knew exactly what was going to happen - Oldcliffe was going to come together as family and friends, and we were going to fight, and we were going to win.

Between that moment, the 3AM BS session in the kitchen, the conversations about shoving manticores out of windows and throwing crockery, and the fudge posing, I could not have asked for a better weekend.

I love Nine Towers. (I'm very tired.)
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What a weekend guys. I'd like to thank plot for taking Kar's little Jar of feels, and rattling it like a maraca. AND EVERYTHING ELSE.

So...first for the peoples
-Prolon. THE TALKS. Just watching Prolon go through the event, and swearing every now and then. From Pucker, to Kitchen shenanigans, to being angry about gorram jerks waltzing into town and killing people. (I'm sorry, but I couldn't not giggle as you were swearing when I died the second time) Also, that resurrection though! Brought tears to my eyes dammit!
-Captain Hogrim, introducing Kar to the phrase "Legion Well" which she is going to use forever now. Being welcomed into the Legion, making plans as to how to do the things without slaver birb's help, and discussing emotions and such IS AWESOME. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY KAR IS YOU EXIST.
-Otho, oh Otho. Thank you for letting me brain with you. It was awesome, and a challenge. So many feels. So much of Kar's own feels bleeding out and trying to contain the sheer and utter Rage she felt, when she figured out plot stuff.
-Stephano...I think Kar's reached an inner peace in sometimes not knowing where you are. In the time you've been gone she seems to have figured out that we are both Butt's, you are the main person that taunts things that can squish you, and Kar is the assisting one. I think we reached an understanding we lacked before.
-The Youngblood brothers, Tyrus and Septus. First off LEGION SMASH, and "I KILLED KAR" was probably one of my favorite things about that event. Finding out afterwards that while Septus was worried about killing Kar, Tyrus was taking the position behind Staphano and Kar of "People who sass things they shouldn't" was brilliant. You two manage to be both emotionally deep, and gorram brother jokers. That and "Who the f@k is this d*** bag" while kicking Amar's dead body was priceless.
-Ahi and Maluhia. You are as clearly tired of all of this sh*t as Kar is. XD. Just the panic of "MAGIC ISN'T WORKING" and in general shrugging and dealing with things was awesome.
-Satya and Cassian, good on you for still trying to do your jobs while Kar sticks her nose in EVERYTHING. Also the pose of infinite seduction....there are no words.
-Rune, Thank you for letting me brain with you, all of the mental images, and also the reflection of that when you resurrected me was awesome. I really appreciate it. I'm glad that I am not the jerk that you feared when you let me into your brain, and seeing you go from 'eh, I'm ok' to 'oh wait, I'm a bad @ss' was great. So much confidence emerging.
-Legaia, SCROLL BUDDIES, Just the team attitude, and friendliness that Legaia and Kar function on makes me happy. Especially when we manage to be on the same mental wavelength ;)
-Mischa and Drekken.... XD
-EVERYONE. Just seeing the town slowly become a derpy but working family is great. I'm glad I go to Oldcliffe, and can't wait till next time.


--ERMAGERD THAT DREAM/MENTAL STUFF. Well done, Kar isn't going to forget that for a LONG while. Way to make cracks in my PC's happy place.
--Dom, your gorram master and his reactions to Kar. "I don't think I can get close enough to attempt to break command" "oh I think you can get close enough". AAAAAHHHH So much wanting to step forward, so many bad idea urges.
--Just the masters and the prince in general. I CAN GET CLOSE BUT I CAN'T DO ANYTHING oVo
--All of the NPC's were awesome. So much fighting and fun.
--Trolls on the last shard mod. Sorry we blew you up.
--Picking up an explosive traps expert and realizing it's Jeffrey (pretty sure I spelled that wrong) as we hear the swearing coming from the tent. Special thanks to the cricket that harassed him.

Just overall an awesome event, with so much breaking EVERYTHING. Can't wait to go back and keep doing the things. ALL THE THINGS


So, uh, I played Adept Morris Bellows and Squire Alexander Vintner of the Tower of Evocation. Just on the random off chance that you didn't already know that. And I also engaged in LARP-ageddon this weekend, which resulted in a total of four hours of sleep over four days, and five meals over those same four days. I actually left in the early afternoon to go to the Vampire LARP my husband runs, and then turned around and came back Sunday. You're all welcome, I know you all missed me. :p

So, on to a smattering of my favourites:
  • Mischa. The relationship between Mischa and Morris was really fun to watch in development. Watching the relationship between Mischa and the Veneficus, and then her relationships with individual members, was a delight. And getting to punch her feels back at the season 2 opener was a treat. Getting to seal the feel punching Friday night was really awesome. I'm sad that Mischa wasn't there to see Morris go out, but I get why, so, y'know.
  • Jules. I cannot really say how much RP I have had over the last five events with Ericka, but it started pretty heavy from the get go, and only got more complicated with each event. Watching her alternate between incredible jealousy mixed with anger and the esteem she had for Morris leading up to Friday night's big spectacle was really a treat. Ericka's a blast to RP with. Watching her emotions run wild until they burnt the body (and I went OOG, so, sadly, I didn't get to see any more of it) really made me feel proud of the story I'd managed to weave with her.
  • Cassian and Satya. Satya and Cassian. So many conversations crammed into such a short time Friday night. I'm really interested to see what the end result is. My poor little Adepts have been thrown in the deep end without any kind of life jacket. Here's hoping they can swim.
  • The rest of the Order... AKA: Drekken and Nyxtra, I didn't really get a chance to talk to you much Friday night. I'm sorry. I <3 you guys though.
  • Roon. Morris totally asked him out on a date, kinda, and then went and died on him! Really, what kind of friend is that? And then Roon kept following Morris's body, and getting shooed away. It was really sad. And adorable. Jules laughed at me over it.
  • The conversation with Hogrim wherein I got to say "you miss one Gryphon and Manticore coming in to town, and all of Oldcliffe goes to pot." And Hogrim just laughed.
  • And then... The death. I was pretty self-conscious and nervous about how it was going to go, and then it just happened. Sadly, the talking covered Morris's last words, but that's okay.
I'mma jump right into it.

-Thank you PCs and NPCs alike for a fantastic weekend.
-Thank you plot for causing the feels and the intrigue and the feels about the intrigue
-Angry Bird Squad
-20 minutes into walking in, telling Satya that I would murder her clear as day, in front of her entire bro team. I had been called an idiot 6 times, had my hair pulled, and generally laughed at. Stephano was having no more of it.
-By the end of the gather, realizing Satya's humor is boundless, considering Cassian a bro, and generally hating on specific green and yellow surcoats instead of the group as a whole.
-Jules and everything about my shield maiden. Coming to terms with meeting each other in the circle like it wasnt no thang. We only go on the most romantic dates. And fighting because Stephano loves talking to things he shouldn't.
-Big damn hero moment, sneaking up the back path and getting to Septus to bring him back up... until one of the Masters found the core of my soul and ripped it out through my chest.
-Squire Prolon who at first intimidated the crap out of Stephano, but now considers him an older brother with similar views and a funny colored belt. Good long talks that Stephano really needed.
-How the town comes together to murder things that make us mad.
-A 2 year old celetial ogre looked through a tube at some distant stars, had a conniption, saw the end of the world and THAT'S OUR PROOF?
-All of the cabin talks and the late night kitchen.
-You tube of custard.
-Kar is a hole inside of a butt. I'm the one supposed to be doing the dying....stahhpppppp.
-Pose of Infinite Seduction.
-Seriously, everyone. Everyone was awesome and amazing and this is why I can't wait for the next one.


I have never had this difficult of a time ordering my thoughts before.

First and foremost...
Plot. Jeez, you guys! My feels are in the ICU. Knowingly or not, you stomped on, murdered, or otherwise destroyed 4 games of planning in one day. Well done. It is an incredibly fun and interesting challenge to be at square one mid game.

Also, I was a complete space cadet this weekend, and while that worked somewhat IG with Meesh being effing miserable, I am so sad that I wasn't as sharp as I usually am, because I didn't have nearly as much time with each of you as I wanted.

Anyway... on to some stuff I thought was cool.

-Finding out about Morris was delightful OOG, and devastating IG. It was so simple and borderline casual. No big production. No preparation.

"And Morris was here."
"Oh, where did he go?"
"He died last night."

Sorry bra, yer pal's dead. Sucks to be you.

-It was absolutely no secret that Mischa wanted a sash. But she wanted an easy one, that probably involved a marriage of convenience and a comfortable lifestyle and little to no work. There were grand plans. So grand. She was even making a dress for it.

Instead, she was broken and sad and wrapped in the clothing Morris had left behind, and probably the least of herself she had ever been.

That was, by far, the most difficult and borderline humiliating thing Mischa has ever gone through. Who would have thought? (OOG, I LOVED it, plot.) Meesh has never wanted to run away and hide more than she did when the Prince held up that vial. Ever. She is so sad about that. She wasn't ready to speak yet. She still isn't.
And no one cares.

-Otho! Man, Meesh missed you so much! Sososososo much. So glad you are back.

-Prolon. Dude, Meesh wants to BE you when she grows up. Everything you did was amazing, and you did it with such dignified calm and conviction. I think I spent a good 5 minutes watching you survey a battle like it was a stroll in the park and feeling intense envy. Gah, no words for how amazing he is. Also, the infinitely small act of adjusting my sash was probably one of the most personal moments of the weekend, for a lot of reasons I can't articulate, so I am just going to flounder awkwardly over in the corner and never speak of it again.

-Cassian. Everything Cassian all the time. Cassian Red and the Pose of Infinite Seduction. Cassian Red and the Moment of Random Backstory. Cassian Red and Awkward Apology Time. Cassian Red and Mischa Kaloth Trying their Best.

-Sharing Morris' last batch of fudge at night while everyone was tired, and watching the life return to everyone all of a sudden. It was such a nice gift, and a really strong moment Meesh is always going to remember. It's the most unexpected twist, but Drekken, Jules, Kar, Stephano, Otho, and even Cassian and Satya... we all feel like a family.

-The absolutely raging humiliation and shame the homestone mod made Mischa feel. Maaaaan, that was just salt in an open wound.

-I know I was technically dead at the time, but I could practically feel the weight on Hogrim's shoulders when someone shouted back Saturday night that there were no more life spells. And then the bodies just started piling up.

-There was something so dark and unsettling about the Resurrection Circle on Saturday night. Her first time through, it was quiet and soft and lovely. This time wasn't. It was dark, and loud, and everyone was angry. That's a terrible thing to wake up to. It felt like she had come back to the wrong place.

-Curtis, you were such a refreshing addition to the town. I think both you and Prolon were the first level headed mist-walkers Mischa had ever met. You never once passed any judgment, and you never once asked for anything. (Now go back to your elf, she probably missed you!)

-Lab! Holy crap, a lab! Prolon, she is going to pay you back, with interest!

-Eggs! What happened to my friiiiiiend?!?!

-Sometime on Sunday afternoon, Mischa realized that over seven people were calling for her, all at once. It was insane. And all of a sudden she realized with instant, crystal clarity that she wanted to take care of all these people.

- I am probably forgetting a lot of things. You are all awesome. I think I got a personal moment with everyone at one point, even if it was small.

In closing, Mischa has no f---ing idea who she is anymore. And it is the most glorious thing, so thanks everyone!

Friday Night Feelings - Narratively speaking, I knew it had to happen, but... damn. I was not emotionally ready to lose Adept Morris Bellows. Hadrian’s death was terrible, but it was off-camera, and we got the impression that it was in glorious battle, etc.. For us to be completely helpless while we Morris died a horrific death was perfect. Afterwards, we were all so exhausted and had the spirit completely knocked out of us that we ended up just standing silently, then going to sleep because we just couldn’t do anything else. Someone (maybe Satya?) said “he is with Hadrian now” and I nearly lost it.

Mischa - What a character! RP with Mischa is always fun and intense, but this weekend it was a real rollercoaster. From being totally cold-shouldered, to Cassian being ultra-uncomfortable discussing his fears, to totally spilling his guts to her in a brief moment of connection, to awkward apology. Laa, you did a great job of portraying Mischa’s many and complex feelings this weekend.

Veneficus - Jules, Drekken, Nyxtra, and the ever-patient Satya, you are such a wonderful group of people to LARP with. Thank you so much for putting up with me.

Otho (you know, the wizard) - So, there is a LARP adage that goes “Secrets, secrets are no fun, secrets, secrets don’t move stories forward unless someone else finds out about them”. Plot team, thank you for using our IBGA to get us involved in such an interesting (and heart breaking) story. One tidbit of information lead to a string of super intense scenes, characters connecting in ways no one expected, and many, many feelings. I’d also like to point out that Otho is pretty much the best.

Prolon the Wise - A brilliant character. “Calm and conviction” are the perfect words. Just... wow. Thank you for making me think.

Homestones - I had always wondered what Homestones were like in the Nine Towers universe, it was really cool to find out. Cassian was fascinated and honored to have interacted with the Homestones of legend.

The Sirens of all genders and persuasions (especially the one with the studded codpiece). “Yes, Jules, there were River Sirens. But fear not, I escaped with my chastity intact.”

“YOU KILLED HER!” - The only thing worse than an undead abomination that looks like a Master of the Veneficus Order is one that has feelings like a Master of the Veneficus order. When the biata was cut down, the stone elf’s freak-out was deeply unsettling, terrifying, and all-around awful. That whole battle was great. Talib Zuhal’s (second) death... Wow. I never thought it would be possible for Cassian to feel bad about NOT “consorting” with undead.

The Summit - I tip my hat to the plot team for this one. It was a great idea, it made people feel special for paying attention, and it provided an awesome mid-campaign plot recap. Meeting the Grandmaster was amazing and unexpected. I have never snapped to attention so hard in my life. My heels may be bruised. Erica, A+ performance. Your delivery of the proclamation was intense and beautiful.

At that moment, we all locked-and-loaded into doomsday mode.

(See: “Septus has gone to strap more knives to himself.”)

Bethrega and Tarris - The best, most intense moments of any LARP are often the tiny moments, the touches, the one-line one-off between a character or two, often too quietly for anyone else to hear. There were many of those this weekend, but my favorite was delivered by Bethrega.

The final wave battle had wrapped, and treasure was being sorted out. It had been less than an hour since news of the extinction of the Copperforge Cartels (likely including Bethrega and Tarris’ parents, and everyone they had known until coming to Oldcliff). Tarris was devastated. But Bethrega, completely in denial, pulls out a handful of copper and silver that she found on corpses she had made, sets it down on a rock in front of Tarris. Grinning, she says, “We can send this home to mom and dad! Do you think they’ll be proud?” (or something to that effect).

Confession: I kid you not, The Pose of Infinite Seduction happened completely organically. Cassian’s story about its origins was 100% true. I was REALLY tired.


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Stupid o'clock Saturday into Sunday. Ridiculous conversation with Amira, Lygeia, and Polybius. You don't need to know that the tea being offered contains spearmint, lemongrass, hawthorn, etc because you'd be willing to try Orc urine at this point, you say? Lygeia can help with that.

Cassian telling Maluhia he doesn't hold her personally responsible for Juliana's resurrection in April. Walking Maluhia through processing that he'd have considered doing so in the first place with enough seriousness to then consider denying it. Completely ignoring the things his eyebrows said when she told him what spell slot she's currently studying.

Prolon's calm and rational willingness to stare down a hissing, snarling mess and tell her to get it together and keep people alive. That mint was not peppermint, so OK, forceful personality man. Back to being concerned about the crazy undead.

Having emotions other than "angry" or "amused" for about 15 minutes. Kar dying on her mod was rather distressing. 7 rezzes on Saturday night hurt. Attempting to process the death of 2 nations and 30,000 Visok failed to compute and shut down the emotional system in a hurry. I do not regret my decision to play a character who usually fails or chooses not to care, but it's enjoyable when that fails.

Jules' mod. Feeling sad for her for a moment, and glad to have a fuzzy tail for identification purposes.

Otho, I'm glad that guy is in charge. Also, thank you for explaining to Maluhia that magic scares most people outside of a concentration of mercenaries. I knew OOG and was waiting for that to happen eventually.
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Ericka S.

It's an incredibly strange place to be as a character who is getting happier/healing as the rest of the world falls apart around her. Yes, the town of infinite sadness, but a place where Jules has found family again. The contrast alone is amazing. Thank you all for creating such a vivid world. But, here go some of my favourite moments.

Cassian punching Jules the moment she walked into the tavern and all the other ensuing "You are SO STUPID!" afterwards was great. Being called out on doing stupid things lets Jules know she's only more loved. The discussion at the table about what the information they found could mean and all the awkwardness around it started game so well, it really hit the ground running for me.

Morris' death. No time to say goodbye. Hearing his pained cries across the field, screaming back, trying to coach him through it, watching him go. It was all just perfect. Then when he failed to resurrect, the strange mix of crushing sadness and quiet relief that Jules felt because Morris can be at peace again. He can be with his partner again, even if it's buried at the Monastery. It was bittersweet and perfect. Then just sitting by the burning circle, clutching his coat. "How many more coats will be bury before this is over...?"

Watching Mischa being given her sash. Watching as the Prince gave her the restorative potion. The mix of emotions on Mischa's face in that moment was utterly heartbreaking and perfect.

Shield-bromance. Stephano. After the strange acceptance of these 'feels', it was interesting to play a full game caught in it. The little looks, touches, almost coming to blows over him talking to Talib. "The Fight" cure light potion. But probably all of this can be shrunk to the singular moment where Jules saw Stephano go down between the Undead Masters and the flashbacks of Morris dying the night before. I don't think I've ever screamed someone's name that loud in a game, or in such panicked agony. Half the post-fight screaming Stephano was pure revenge for that moment.

Otho, I've never seen someone look so tired in a game. Props to you.

Watching the Legion work as a unit leaves me completely stunned. You all are just wonderful and add to the world's immersion just for how perfectly you play legion.

Sagan and your pole arm. Sagan and your cap. Sagan and your personality. I saw such lovely glimpses this weekend and Jules has developed a soft spot for the fellow.

Satya made me laugh harder more times this game than I can remember laughing in any game ever. The perfect deadpan. The brilliant wit and stern, cool nature all mixed together. I said it on Facebook, but the stunning range of that character blows my mind. For having no emotions, she has more range than almost anyone.

Cassian -- let's angry bird fight every game, please? The scene in the bedroom where Jules just did her best to call out Cassian on everything, and vice versa. Watching the stubborn defenses come up and slowly fall. Seeing as Cassian opened up his soft core as the game went on. It was all so wonderful.

Drunk on Morris' last batch of fudge. Enough said.

Homestone mod. I went in expecting pain, anguish, tears and trauma. Jules came out feeling more like she had family and friends than ever before. Having this group of almost strangers come around, lead her through it, and realizing she knows all of the well enough to identify them without words, by nothing but touch and a few hints of noises? It was remarkably healing. And the fact that they all came with her, it meant the world to Jules. She has friends in this strange town, real friends, outside of the order and Mischa. It's everything in the world.

7 rezzes. Damn. But the circle scene was beautiful. The sound of Maggie's breath when I drew a white stone out of that bag was completely compelling, and a beautiful start to a beautiful resurrection. The story about Cassian, the coming back to life, body and soul. It was gorgeously done, truly. Then meeting Stephano outside after and both of as casual like nothing had happened because feels are still hard and complicated and everything is fine.

Sunday morning. Just... everything. The revelation about the losses, the ensuing wave battle, the rampant shock and heartache that just flooded the entire town before Old Cliffe got together and did what it does best -- pick up broken hearts off the floor and get the work done. One of my favourite things about theater is the sharing of collective consciousness and emotions that, at particularly strong points, can bring scenes/story to a higher level than anything that could happen alone. This was one of those moments of collective consciousness where everyone in town stopped breathing a moment. Everyone swallowed their hearts. Everyone mourned. Everyone kept moving. It was tangibly strong and one of the higher forms of emotional art I've felt in a while. Thank you for that.

I could say so much more. You are all amazing.

PS: Kar, shout out to you. Ericka knows Kar is so entirely broken but she holds it together so well. You play it to the hilt.


Late favorites are late! But still good. Before I begin, can someone in the Veneficus make "Of the Infinite Seduction" an official honorific?

I didn't realize how much this event took out of me until I tried to brain on Monday; absolutely, wonderfully draining! That event felt SO different from the other 3 I attended, but still managed to be as good as the others. I loved the chance to see Old Cliff from outside eyes and I have to admit, Curtis is sad that sense of community doesn't exist elsewhere. He felt more at home than his own home.

- The Prince, Otho, and Hogrim... that's how leadership is supposed to work. Coupled with Prolon as advisor, I want you all to tour around training other squires and knights! Good job.
- Veneficus, thank you guys for letting me run with the Angry Birds and Friends! It was nice playing on the other side of the distrust.
- So many mods in so little time! NPCs and Plot rocked that hard!
- Poor, poor Mischa. I didn't know her in character yet, but Curtis could still tell her hand was being forced with the sash/restore blind side. The prince is a clever and ruthless tactician, I'll give him that.
- Sunday revelations. Do you know how hard it is to keep a straight face when you're playing a character that has NO IDEA what these Copperforge Mountains are when your OTHER CHARACTER happened to be in them at the time. Not sure if Eggs is scrambled, hard boiled, or even sunny-side-up, but I can assure you he's probably even more cracked than he was before. I've never had this hard a time waiting for an IBGA to figure out where my character stands.

Short favorites this time because if I listed EVERYTHING I liked it would just be a play-by-play of the weekend.


Gettysburg Staff
Hi guys.

First. Sorry I killed everybody in the world.

Second. I have more fun NPCing and interacting with all of the PCs at 9 towers than I do most of the time that I'm PCing. I hope I was able to enhance your experience in some way. I'm really working on getting better at that.

I had tons of fun and am glad/I hope everybody else did as well.
Becasue I said I would try to actually get mine out this time. So funny fact of being Head of Plot: I did three things this weekend. I played the prince when needed. I marshaled wave battles. I ran a metric ton of mods. Thats the sum total of my weekend from a gameplay PoV. I don't mind it at all and I walk away from a weekend as HoP more exhausted than when I PC. So with that in mind here are a few highlights from the world of white headbands.

Finally getting to let go of a number of secrets I've been holding for over a year regarding plot elements. From Morris's death at the hands of Zuhal's Master's (written before the game started) to the truth about the Hollows (Blank Slate Initiative, written before the game started) to OTHO'S BACKSTORY (again writen before the game started). Its such a relief to have those out in the world now. I hope payoff was worth the build up.

The look on Evan/Otho face when he read the clinical note pages. So fun fact: I am a prosthetist and have to write clinical notes FOR A LIVING. So I wrote like 4 or 5 pages of objective notes for Evan. See, having someone TELL YOU what happened to you is not is fun as READING IT YOURSELF.

Seeing how much the town comes together to face the horrors I keep throwing at you. For a lvl capped game with no magic items the town is taking on some fairly MAJOR monster cards. Watching the town identify loot off monsters to immediatly use during the final fight was a special treat. Thats how it should be resource wise. I want to keep pushing the town to the edge of what they can handle.

Micha's reaction to the restore potion. Totally a set up and you walked right into it. Thank you for being a good sport.

The amazing make up job NPCs did through out the weekend. Extra special thanks to Jamie Tooker for the tatered Veneficus coats worn by the ghost masters. Thanks to Dom and Jamie for pulling off Agatha and Edmund perfectly. Appologies to Sean for stealing the glowing feathers bit.

All 9 in the stone mods. Particularly happy with Dreken's. Bowling alley fun times complete with claw game. What could possibly go wrong?

Glad people liked the summit. It was designed to be a recap and to involve anyone who wanted to speak and also to be inturupted becasue I didn't know if the idea would be borring or not so we left it a limmited timer to run.

2am picnic. You all have no idea how badly I needed that. You really are the prittiest princess.

Sean as Prolon for being the hard line in the sand even if it means loosing out on going on mods and giving up plot info. I apprichiate the dedication.

Really every PC. Each and everyone had some detailed moment of amazing that I'm hearing about but didn't get to see.

I am sure there are more but its all still a blurr. Thank you everyone for attending. The season finalle is coming faster than you think.

Head of Plot