Harvest Ball


People of Icenia and Welcome Visitors,

These last two years have been exceeding difficult, and we have all felt the strain. So I am glad to finally be able to share with you some good news.

Thanks to the efforts of the Order of the Foundation, largely coordinated by Sir Grim, we do, in fact, have a bountiful harvest this fall.

Much of the progress has been small victories, but these too should be celebrated. In particular, much of our rebuilding has been through the efforts of the adventurers, both Icenian and those visiting, particularly from Barran and the lands of the Nine Towers.

As a thank you, I invite you all to a Harvest Ball at the Black Stag in Fairdale on Saturday the 14th. If there are any traveling musicians who would like to add to the merriment, I am happy to pay for your services. Please reach out to my seneschal (oog: allianceplot@gmail)

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

In Service,
Dame Sonia Bouchard
Queen of Icenia