Haven 1:2 Follow the Yellow Brick Road event review

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**NPCs - Do not post here. Let us know if you had any highlights or concerns in the NPC chat. Thanks! **

1. Post your favorite moments.
2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix).
3. What you would like to see more of?
4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character.


1. -The absolute and utter betrayal by Jessica. I said it a few times now, but I've never had such an internal emotional reaction. The hurt and betrayal was real and Dyne's trust has been shattered. This will totally have long lasting effects.
-The mods you guys are pumping have such unique and interesting mechanics, and I'm loving it. The terrifying creatures that came into camp, the dark cave with blindfolds... you've really kicked it up a notch!
-Fantastic roleplay with Volk, Honey, and Aldious, Scoops all through the night.
-Em, Ash and Cyphra manning the guard booth! No one is stealing our stuff!
-Once again the costumes are killer. Nick, Angela, and KAtie, you guys knocked it out of the park.
-I actually got to use some healing!
-The raid at the end was really cool! First chance to face off against my former guard!
-While I didn't take part in it, I do like that there was puzzles for people to do in between mods

2. -Confusion at the end of the game as to where we were supposed to go
-With a few less PCs, anytime a mod was out, the up stairs felt super empty

3. -NPCs coming into the camp and just saying they are on the list, so we don't do a full interrogation on everyone.
-More creative mods like you have been doing!

4. Dyne stared at the remains of Corvin and Kainah being held captive, this was their chance to save at least one of them. The eternal looked the group up and down before inviting one of them to 'dinner'... and he ended up choosing his bodyguard. Zestria was hired for a reason, because she could handle herself and was trust worthy... wait, was she just welcomed into the circle with a different name? Wait, did he just say daughter?! Wait... is that our log book?

"You BITCH," Dyne snarled, feeling both hurt and absolutely enraged.


1. The betrayal!!! We were floored, amazing job you guys. Seeing Corvins head was such a great moment. The mods were a ton of fun, even the ones that were difficult for honey (the puzzle mod where she had to communicate what she saw)
2. Not really any I can think of.
3. I loved the creepy hold still mod, that was a ******* blast. My interactions with Azel. I loved the sudoku and other puzzles but with ones like that they only really work well with a max of two people working on them, so maybe more than one at a time?
4. Honey’s rage welled up inside of her as Azel taunted her. She kept looking at Corvin’s severed head, she had liked him and considered him a friend. To know that this monster had eaten him as he had eaten some of her tongue was just too much. Her grip tightened as she considered pushing through towards her foe but the voice of The elf kept breaking through. “Not yet honey, not yet.”
She maintained eye contact with Azel, thinking of all the things she would do to him once she got to him.
The traitor was mocking them from her seat at the table and honey was close to snapping as Azel gave the order to fight, she roared as she brought her club down onto the shield of one of the cannibals.


1. Post your favorite moments.
The shadow clone fight. By far, please do more of that in the future. See 4. For more details.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix).
Meh, most of the encounters seemed too short and ended too easily, although maybe I just need better aim with spell packets behind a crowd. Also, standing on a pressure plate that soul bound to you the second you stepped on it and forcing you to stay behind even when you tried a method of resetting it with the other apparently redundant plates was upsetting, but I suppose it was great for Honey’s player, who was the only one to go through. Holly, I believe is who that is?

3. What you would like to see more of?
Shadow clones. 100% fighting my own version of Shadow Link (Zelda Reference) was an amazing battle, and I want a rematch, one with more spell packets califlowered in time.

4. Give us a moment (Well, sorry, this turned out longer than a moment) from the perspective of your character.

Seraphina has just stepped outside the camp boundaries, either to relieve herself or do something otherwise, when she heard things go wrong, and the camp getting very dark. Returning, she was confused, and was stolen away by some monster.

She woke up in a dreamscape, which was fascinating to her, but across from her was herself, holding mana in her (his (it was Josh)) hand, giving herself a death glare. Before she could reach to conjure some mana, the shadowy clone of herself immediately cast pin, then shackle, and then killing blow’ed her in the dream world.

Being defeated wasn’t the traumatizing thing, but instead being defeated in the way she wanted to defeat others but couldn’t was humiliating to her morale. (Fine OoC, really, but Seraphina hated it.) She woke up back at the camp, the only real danger of the encounter being that she was brought to being unconscious, and when she awoke, she was barely alive.

She managed to get healed and get her armor repaired, but emotional trauma she suffered was not a wound that magic nor potions could heal. She honestly felt as though she would trade places with the clone in a heartbeat. She would become a monster that her clone, which would then be the real Seraphina, would easily defeat, and then the competent version of herself could actually be useful to her allies in Haven.

She wanted to help with a chest puzzle, but felt utterly useless due to some pieces missing, and all the available pieces being already found to either be missing a piece or already in place.

She felt that the most use she had that day was in sharing her rations, but she almost fed the wrong person some boar jerky, since they had some sort of adverse reaction to meat that probably would have led to several people going through the circle.

While sure, she could have done self hypnosis to herself to try and help herself, she really thought it would be better if she tricked the shadow clone into doing it, as it’s not the easiest thing to lie to yourself. It is possible, but using self hypnosis to treat depressive emotions is not the easiest thing to do. It would almost be easier to have someone write a script, put yourself into trance, tell yourself that this letter is what your mind truly believes, and then read it.

Regardless, this was not something that should be crippling. She had responsibilities to do, she needed to do research.

Research the shadow clone, the dream world, the monster that induced it all, and maybe study some rocks and gems, see if there was any proven mental effects from them.

Still, even though it meant she would perish, she still felt as though she would trade places with her more competent shadow clone, if only to help her allies.

Dismissing the corrupt thought, she focused on her tasks. She could not let a failure of a day get in her way. Besides, that monster only appeared when the hand of fate had failed to be recharged in time.

Seraphina focused fully on the tasks that she was now required to do. A bit of practice with empty mana wouldn’t hurt either.

End of “Moment”.
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