Hawking her wares

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*Kai the foxkin enters the ogre's head tavern. She goes to the wall where various notices are posted, and adds one of her own. It reads "POTIONS AND ALCHEMY FOR SALE. SEE KAI THE FOXKIN". Below the text is a simple drawing of herself, surrounded by bubbly potion vials and a money symbol. She leaves again.*
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A person in a brown jacket with a red hood walks in through the front door of the tavern and orders a drink from the bar tender. Turning around he strides towards the board and looks up at the posts and spys Kai's post. He looks down and smiles, then pulls out a small piece of paper and tacs it in the bottom of the board. It shows a picture of a sectioned five colored circle with items in each section of the circle. After which he finishes his drink and walks back out the tavern door.


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