HAY BALES! (Blythedale Archery Competition)

Khorwyn Brey

Hey everyone, your friendly neighborhood Me is in a bit of a bind. You see, in order for us to have our cool little archery competition at the Festival of Blades, we are in need of some hay bales, or target stands/blocks. I have been unable to learn how we acquired them previously, and have found the Googlez to be virtually useless in helping me find hay bale vendors in the Montrose area. So my questions are these:

1. Does anyone live on a farm, and would you be able to bring some hay bales to the event? You will be compensated.
2. Is anyone familiar with farms or vendors local to Montrose? I live about 3 hours away, and would have significant difficulty personally transporting them from my area. Also, I don't want to imagine the potential delivery fee for transporting them for said 3 hours.
3. Does anyone have target stands/blocks which they would be willing to let us use for the archery contest?
4. Does anyone have any other suggestions for things to which we could safely attach the target faces, in the absence of the above mentioned options?

Thanks! You guys are neat. :D


Depending on the poundage on the bow (I assume low? Around 30?) you can just use that firm packing foam that they use for electronics etc, just layer it up. I've seen that done but it can fail.