Healer's Guild new leadership!

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Kansas Staff
**Posted outside the tavern before the gathering this weekend**

Greetings residents of Haven and visiting travelers!

We are the newly reformed Earth Guild, presently located in Haven-something something (somebody told us some really long convoluted name, sounded unnecessary). Our goal and purpose is to help maintain the balance of the natural living world or some such lofty ideal, but on the practical level we provide healing and Earth magic services to those in need and looking for adventure.
Some of you may have noticed that we cast a ritual upon the tavern building. Yes we were on the roof, no not all of us were drunk. The purpose of the ritual was to provide a safe zone should there be monsters or danger present, unfortunately, we crossed some magic streams in a strange way and while the ritual completed, it did not work as intended. Please do not worry though, it is still safe to be in the tavern! Just don’t cause any violence in it.
We have set ourselves up at the old healer’s guild building, by the Earth circle, for those interested in learning more! Unfortunately due to caravan issues I won’t be able to attend the March gathering, though I will be in attendance at the April gathering.

Goffry “Jeffery” Winterwind, Guildmaster.

**Please see the tavern staff for IG effects on the tavern**
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