Hear Me, Ashbury Military

Khorwyn Brey

All active soldiers of the Ashbury Military who are within traveling distance are ordered to assemble on the outskirts of Thrommel, Nordenn, at our Ducal encampment in a week from tomorrow. Upon arrival, seek myself or your immediate commanding officer for further orders. Due to the unusual nature of the recently arisen undead menace within, you are not to enter the city unless ordered, or until aid is requested from the leadership of Thrommel itself. Should any of these undead escape the walls, or should you encounter them upon the road or countryside, I expect you to defend the land and its people with all of your strength at arms. With any luck, we will learn more about these creatures in the coming days, and therefore be more prepared to deal with them upon our arrival. Travel swiftly, and bring your Earth Blades.

Honor & Bravery,

Lord Captain Khorwyn Brey