Hello, new to Alliance! (Portland, Or)

Hello all, I am new to the larping scene. I played a little in my younger days, but alas, those days are behind me. Hopefully, not for long. I'm 26 years old and a chef,I live smack dab in the middle of portland, or. I was wondering if anyone had ever tried to play a chef, or to show how people ate, cooked etc..? I'm really wanting to get into this, me and my wife, along with our son. I have a few friends who I know I can drag along. My only problem, is that I dont fully understand how to find a local group or "chapter" as the information given on the site said. I have given the oregon forum a few once overs, but I still can't seem to understand where to go from there. Any and all help and hello's are much appreciated! Hope to see some of you out on the battlefield.



Seattle Staff
Hey there, Kyle!

I recommend reaching out on the Facebook group for Alliance Oregon, which is far more active than our forum presence.

Additionally, Oregon's New Player Representative, Keegan Gilmore, will likely respond to your post there. :)



Heya Kyle!

I'm... oh, drat, Evan beat me to it.

Well, I'm the New Player Representative for Alliance Oregon, which holds most of our events out in Seaside. I'm also in Beaverton, and there are several players who reside in Portland so you're not alone!

As Evan said above, the Facebook group is an excellent resource.

I would also recommend taking a peek at: http://www.allianceoregon.com/get-involved/new-player-faq/

Once you've sated your thirst for knowledge there and find you have other questions, please don't hesitate to shoot me a line at newplayer@allianceoregon.com !

To answer your question though, absoooooolutely. I've seen one or two chef characters and they certainly have a place in our game. I would love to see another, so get in touch with me via email or reach out on facebook as soon as you're ready and we can start getting you oriented!



Welcome to Alliance!

I am out in Denver, but I wanted to drop in my 2cp as well... Chef theme characters can do marvelously well in alliance; we have a fantastic tea house out here in Denver and I have personally benefitted from the delicious breakfast burritos a certain enterprising hobling brings in occasion.

The court of Rivervale also has a talented court baker and a grand cheezier that are sorely missed if absent, and the court of Bayenna has cook offs involving BBQ and " slop " on occasion too... And someone has to man the grill and defend it from goblins!

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