Hello there!

Hiya! This is a member of Oregon's Plot team. I was hoping to converse with Marley Sage Gable? Just in finding out your online schedule so we don't have conflicts with our online events. We had an unexpected conflict with our last Tavern Night and one of your Online Games and wanted to avoid that in the future. ^_^

I hope this is an ok place to try to reach out.


Hello. It's me, Marley.
Thanks fo much for reaching out. Apologies for the conflicting dates on our end and no worries — I'm glad you've been giving your players a good way to pass the time.

Our last online event of the season is the 27th of this month. I'll hope to make a future Tavern Night, if mistwalking characters are welcome or happily offer myself as an NPC.

Anyhow if Discord suits you, my handle is Jaerc#8743.
Wow, we'd love to have you! ^_^

It sounds like we won't have any more conflicts if your last event is before next month. ^_^

Thanks for your handle, I'll seek you out on Discord so we can communicate more if needed. ^_^

-Ashley of the 5-headed Plot Hydra