Help For Black Forest Fire Faire (x-post from FB)


Charlottesville Staff
A friend shared this post from her friend on Facebook. Since I know some of you are involved in the Faire scene in CO, I thought I might find someone here available to help out. Please respond here or PM me if you are able to assist with this.

- Luke

Asking again: I really want to sell at the Black Forest Fire Faire, Bringing the Magic back to the Forest event in Fort Collins, CO, October 12 & 13. But, I would need to take my son with me. That means I'd need someone to help man my booth, because my son is autistic and sometimes will get too excited and try to run about without permission - not good for a festival and I'll need to go with him. But, I don't want to leave my booth unattended. So, I need help!

There'll be camping involved; I can provide one (or two) people their own tent and I have a spare sleeping bag if you don't have one, and (if you like hot dogs at least) food as well. (If I can get a small skillet, pancakes too.) I'm intending to go up either Friday night or early Saturday morning and stay over from Saturday to Sunday if not Friday to Saturday as well. Anyone who could help then or even just Saturday and Sunday would be very welcome. I can make you a custom convertable charm bracelet or custom necklace (either w/earrings) in return. ^_^;

Jesse Grabowski

We were actually asked if we wanted to use their grounds to run our larp that weekend but I have a wedding to go to.
Hope folks cna get up that way and attend/help/donate/enjoy.