Helping Children's hospitals by Gaming!!!

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    Hey guys I am a player from the NH chapter of nearly 20 years- we are doing a charity event called Extralife which helps children's hospitals (in our case we chose Boston Children's Hospital) Please read this, donate if you can, join us if you can or at the very least check out the organization for your self and share links. Let's help kids!
    • Please go to this link and sponsor me (or any other teammates we have- or JOIN US! The charity fundraising event benefits Boston Children's Hospital. Extralife is a 24 hour gaming marathon; each team member gets pledges direct to the page. The Extralife organization has raised millions of dollars for the children's miracle network hospitals. Please donate to our team- we wont let you or the kids down! PLEASE SHARE THIS POST. It is easy to donate- follow the link and press DON...ATE.
    • For those of you interested in joining us please let me know ( so I can prepare if there is a horde) and most importantly join on our team page and start getting pledges! We will be playing Dungeons and Dragons, FALLING IRON (a game created by Raymvnd Roberge- me!), a choice of board games, video games, card games etc. bring snacks and sleeping gear (people sometimes do shifts- there are always players awake and gaming though! It is easy to donate- follow the link and press DONATE.
    • if you are a business I am working on doing a portion of the event on Skype or Twitch. If you provide a quality banner and donate a reasonable amount I would be more than happy to hang your banner in view! also, if we are unable to do so we will be blasting social media for the following week to gain even more donations- with your banner- if you donate to help kids. It is easy to donate- follow the link and press DONATE.
    • Our team name is Son of the Dawn of the Goonies!
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    This is a nice initiative. Hope to participate in the next fundraising event.

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